Kids Academy on Google Play and iTunes For Learning


Today I am super excited to share some awesome apps that encourage learning through a fun environment. With Kids Academy you will dive into a world of preschool learning and education via your Android or Apple based device because their apps are indeed available on both platforms. Whether you want to get your preschooler a head start in math or reading, Kids Academy is your one stop shop.

As many parents have quickly become aware of, you are your child’s first teacher. These little kids look up to you and desire to make you beam with pride, laugh with sillies and express love unconditionally through affection. When you choose to hop over to Kids Academy and start downloading printables, their apps or other options available on their website, you are saying your kids’ education matters and you want them to have a chance to excel once they hit that private or public school this year.

Kids Academy on Google Play and iTunes For Learning

Kids Academy Free Worksheet Printable

With the free worksheets on Kids Academy website, you are able to teach your kids at home. Even if you are not planning to homeschool your little bundle of joy, you can use these free worksheets as a means to inspire a love of writing, reading and arithmetic. My favorite option is the writing worksheets, because honestly? I have two boys who never wanted to take time to write, it’s now that they are getting older that their handwriting is legible. Had I used worksheets like this, maybe their writing would have advanced sooner than later. Click here to download the Writing Worksheets from Kids Academy for free.


Why We Love Kids Academy

To be honest, my children have outgrown preschool learning, with that being said I have a little toddler niece who most certainly will benefit from the printables like this. As she is now a preschool student, I hope to print some of these worksheets out so she can do them when hanging with the grandparents or her Mama. One is never too young to start learning and I can’t express enough from experience how vitally important it is to let kids learn in their own way.


Technology is simply a huge part of today’s children, so it’s best work on encouraging this love of learning through awesome apps like the ones Kids Academy offers and to back that app learning up with the free worksheets! So head over to Kids Academy today and see what they can offer your little one, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. One of the great advantages kids have today is access to new technologies. Apps like this can add years of learning, to a kid’s life, in a short span of time

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