Here’s Our Story – My Boyfriend had a Piano Fall on his Legs


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We found our home; this was going to be our next chapter in our relationship. We had planned to welcome our year two in a new home together and move our things together eventually. You see, he still has items in a rental that he rented because this new home was to be our next chapter of cohabiting. Taking that next step in our love life, but again you would have never guessed what happened next.

Or did you guess?

Either way … here goes.

The relocation assistance check was ready for September 3, 2016. The home had to be free and clear of everything and left broom swept clean.  No problems, right? Well wrong. We still had to figure out that dang upright piano. Mike and I had worked to get it out of the house and on the front porch. We placed a free sign on it and again listed it some more online. Again, no bites.

We now were on Friday, September 2, 2016 and I had to go bring the three kids to our new rental home so that I could go back and help Mike with our last ditch effort of getting rid of the piano and all of the last few items left to pack and bring to our new home. That’s when it happened …

Broken Ankles No Insurance

Around 7:14pm on the evening of September 2, 2016 I returned from bringing my three kids to the new rental home to find the neighbor standing over Mike’s body. He was laying there, and here I thought maybe he overheated and passed out. After all this moving stuff is for the birds, seriously HOT stuff moving in the middle of a humid Summer day. As I approached the neighbor, I looked over at Mike and saw blood on his shoes, down his legs soaking his jeans. I instantly started to cry …. The neighbor got ahold of me and told me “none of that, you can’t cry you have to be strong for him!” As a mother, I have practice of wiping those tears fast to be strong and that’s what I did.


Not long after I arrived, the police showed up to ensure that someone was on their way. Next thing I know the ambulance is there and I thanked the neighbor for calling the ambulance and police. I remember kneeling down and having Mike hold onto my hand. I remember telling him to squeeze my hand and tried my best to keep tears away as I tried my best to keep his mind focused off that pain and onto something else. I don’t ever want to see my love in this much pain again, it was so scary and I nearly thought I was going to lose him. I know, he would say that’s me being dramatic but I felt this way in that very moment.

Next thing I know the EMT’s worked to get his 340lb 6’6” body up on a stretcher and into the ambulance. I was asked about medications and other details about Mike, to which I answered that he’s on nothing. They took him over to New London Hospital where the ER docs ran X-rays and well finally got pain meds in him. I am not sure all that happened before I arrived there, because remember I had three kids home alone in a new home when this accident happened so I had to call my Dad and my friend Heidi to let them know that my kids were there if anything were to happen.


Mike ended up with two broken ankles and 12 staples in his leg. He got hurt trying to make sure our family was going to get that relocation assistant check on September 3rd because reality is we needed it otherwise we were screwed. He left the ER without the doctor really wanting him to, as Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Ortho doc wanted to see him that night. Mike explained to the ER doc our scenario and how this was so important to his family and him to do for us, they were a little easier on him leaving at that point.

The next day we found out the broker was on vacation, so we had a few extra days. On Saturday, September 3, 2016 my friend Heidi, my Dad and my Ex Husband as well as the neighbor worked together to help get that piano out of there. We got the lawn mowed and the remainder of the items out of the home. The broker decided that we would meet that following Tuesday after Labor Day as he was on vacation until then. The house was cleared completely on September 3, 2016 with the help of family and friends. Thank Goodness!

Come back tomorrow for more on our story of this scenario that is leaving us financially stressed … consider subscribing to my blog to keep up with my latest blog posts!

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  1. I hope he is healing! I had a friends break both ankles once and it was torturous for her to get around campus. Please keep us updated on his progress.

  2. You must have been terrified during this whole ordeal. It is so hard to watch a loved one going through pain. I hope he heals well and that you guys have a smooth transition into your new home.

  3. I read the earlier version on Facebook and do hope he is on the mend. It was a harrowing story and I send prayers of healing to him.

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