Family Friday Pizza Challenge

How to host a Family Friday Pizza Challenge

Every Friday in our household we host a Family Friday event. In the past this was setup with a slumber party after pizza for dinner, movies and just fun with the kids. Now that we have moved into a new rental home I have declared the slumber party in living room is not happening, however, all of our other activities will commence as usual on Family Friday. This past Friday I had an idea, doing something that still incorporated our pizza dinner but with a twist. You see, my trio had been talking about various challenges they see on YouTube and one was a pizza challenge. While some of the pizza challenges you see on YouTube involve some crazy toppings, I wanted it to be fun without the ridiculous topping selections.

Items Necessary for Family Friday Pizza Challenge

  • Pizza Crust
  • Dice – for rolling to choose toppings
  • Post-it Notes – for numbering the toppings
  • Sharpie – to write the numbers on Post-it brand notes.
  • Utensils – spoon, fork, butter knife
  • Plates
  • Green Peppers, Ham, pizza sauce, ranch dressing, two types of shredded cheese, jalapenos, and any other toppings you choose for your Family Friday pizza challenge

Family Friday Pizza Challenge


Preparing for Family Friday Pizza Challenge

You must clear off a designated area for this Family Friday pizza challenge because it’s going to get messy and all of the ingredients need to be spaced out properly. First step is to make the pizza crust, I purchased some pizza crust dough and cut it down into smaller portions then baked it up. All toppings could be eaten as is, meaning no cooking of pizzas required – this alleviated time involved in baking the mini pizzas.

Once you have the pizza crusts baked up, place them on a plate in the middle of the area you designated to host the Family Friday pizza challenge. Setup each topping and place a Post-it brand note in front of it with the appropriate number. Each family member rolls the dice to determine which topping they must place on.

Note: each selection needs to have it’s own set of numbers for example; toppings will have a set of numbers, sauce will have their own set of numbers and cheese has it’s own set of numbers to avoid confusion in which step you are on during the Family Friday pizza challenge process.


Prior to starting determine how many toppings beyond sauce and cheese you will have each family member place on their pizzas as part of this Family Friday pizza challenge event. Our family selected three toppings each and so the dice had to be rolled that many times plus two more at the beginning for sauce and cheese options.

Once each family member has taken the time to fill their pizza with whatever the Family Friday pizza challenge created, you can enjoy the pizzas.

Have fun as you watch each child’s facial expression when they bite into their Family Friday pizza challenge. Below you will see what each of my children ended up with on our first round, the second round of our pizza challenge was completed over Facebook Live which was super fun for all of us!

Now what are you waiting for? Why not setup your own Family Friday pizza challenge in your household? It’s super fun and the kids will totally have a blast bonding over good old fashion pizza.

Family Friday Pizza Challenge
Oldest – Ragu pizza sauce, cheddar cheese, green peppers, carrots and ham.
Family Friday Pizza Challenge
Youngest Child – Ragu pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and green peppers
Family Friday Pizza Challenge
Middle Child – ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, jalapenos, pepperoni and bacon bits

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  1. The YouTube challenges enthrall my children too. 🙂 Not sure mine would be brave enough to do one though. 😉 🙂 That was a fun family night.

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