August Went Out with a Bang

Happily Blended August Updates

Come July I found out that the rental place I had rented was going into foreclosure, I had been told that the bank had something going on and while the owner had said if the bank was able to work something out they would let me extend the lease. The bank couldn’t work anything out. Foreclosure auction it was. This happened towards end of July. August arrived and my boyfriend spent a lot of time making calls and trying to figure out what was going on, who we would talk to for options so that we could prepare for what was inevitable, a move with three kids.

Happily Blended August Updates

We received some answers, but mostly got tossed around. Finally came to a person of contact and settled on a September 3rd move out date. There were instructions to get everything out of the old home and into our new home. Since we had a move date, we then jumped on a new rental home out in the country setting of our current town. The kids will love it here for sure, but there is no happy ground when it comes to renting. Owning these days is much more cost effective, but as we say in this house, “it is what it is!”

Happily Blended August Updates

Working to clear out the old house day in and day out, everything had to be out. That included an old piano that had been there when the prior owners had it in their possession. Not a thing was to be left. There was a lot in that home to get out, but it was all out and today is the day we meet with the broker to have the walk through and hand keys over. The bank owns this property now and we are out completely into a new home. We have signed a lease together and are on the path to a new chapter.

Great news, right?!

Not so much.

During the process of the move, my boyfriend has ended up with two broken ankles and 12 stitches due to the process of having to get stuff out of that home. A piano fell on him. He is in pain daily and he is currently waiting to hear if he needs surgery as I type this out. We are nervous. We are scared, but we know that he has to get fixed, not being able to function as the man of the home is a hit to your pride and independent nature. I can only imagine what’s going on in his head beyond the obvious thoughts of dealing with major pain in both legs.

Happily Blended August Updates

But wait, there’s more.

My van broke down on the interstate while in route to head to the Hopkinton State Fair so that after kids having to be home alone for two nights (not overnight) while I was at the hospital with Mike, could actually have a day of fun. The van stopped working. Down. No throttle. No power.

Got towed home, thankful to the owner of 24/7 towing for this generosity in coming to tow me and working a deal.

Then my friend Heidi and her husband rushed to get the kids off interstate for me, then brought us to my Dad’s so I could borrow his car.

The list of friends & family who have stepped up to go beyond what I would ever except and ask for has truly brought tears to my eyes. During this move and all of the mishaps our family and friends have come to our side to assist in any way they can. We certainly will get them back for this, because what goes around comes around and they know we will have their backs when the need is there.


That was how August went out with a bang.

Now for the good news …

We made it to the fair! Kids had a blast and we didn’t get home until like 11pm or later.

August went out with a Bang

We now are in a rental home that has 2.2 acres, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a Jacuzzi tub and a hot tub too. The place has shifted our Team Family mentality and the kids have been getting along superbly with minimal issues. It seems we are feeling as if this truly is home sweet home and we shall work to get the place organized, just after we figure out Mike’s broken ankles situation.

Happily Blended August Updates

The other good news is that school started.

I have a freshman – when did that happen?

I have noticed my middle child who is high functioning autistic has started to mature a lot and his sense of humor has developed more – sure it’s a dry humor. You know that straight faced humor? That humor that gullible me doesn’t always catch on to, but when I do? I laugh hysterically!

My youngest child is still the little fearless child he has always been and has started to give more hugs and seems happier than he had been in the older house.

Happily Blended August Updates

August may have gone out with a BANG, but not everything was a bad bang. Today I welcome September and look forward to getting my man’s ankles better and life to carry on as it should.

How was the month of August to you?

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  1. So glad that despite those challenges you are able to see the glass as half full and count your many blessings ( which is not easy to do when you are in the midst of dealing with stress and physical health issues) and I believe our kids are watching us navigate these issues and take their cues from us when stuff will arise in their own lives. I think you are just about the best role model they can have and here’s to a wonderful September!

  2. August was wonderful for us! We welcomed baby #7, the month seemed to FLY by after that, we had some fun times as a family and thankfully things have been great on the work front so it was a good month!

  3. I’m sorry there was such an unfortunate chain of events surrounding the move! I’m glad there have still been some great moments and I hope your boyfriend heals up nicely!

  4. Looks like you’ve had quite an august. I’m glad it’s over and that you’re welcoming a new month. It’s really nice that you’re very supportive of each other as a family as well. That’s all that matters.

  5. Both ankles, ugh!! I hope he heals up nicely and is as good as new very soon! Congratulations to you all on your new place. It sounds lovely!

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