Turn the Wedding Blues Inside-Out

Budgeting for the Bridal Dress HB

Turn the Wedding Blues Inside-Out

As exciting as going to a wedding can be, when the invitation arrives, it’s likely that you become just as frantic as anyone who’s ever gone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bridesmaid, maid of honor, old friend or relative; the wedding jitters can hit you hard – but preparation makes all the difference.

First of all, it’s important to realize that everything does NOT have to be perfect – just as close to it as you can manage without going crazy! At the very least, the folks over at azazie.com have you covered when it comes to the otherwise troubling decision on what you should wear. As for the other problems – they have solutions, too:

What Can You Wear?

First and foremost, make sure you’re aware of the general intended décor of the wedding/reception. Although probably not common, there could be restrictions on what you should wear – especially if the marrying couple are especially religious or have some other respectable reason.

If you know them very well, you’d likely already have this covered; but if not – don’t hesitate to call and ask.

Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

Turn the Wedding Blues Inside-Out

This first one can be difficult if you’re a get-things-done-early type of person; don’t shop for a bridal gown or attendance dress too early in the process. After all, if the wedding is a few months away, you could totally drop a few pounds before the big day. We all know how weight loss is; it tends to be a “several fits and starts a year” thing. You want the dress to fit, so make a plan to get one with a few weeks to go.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the color and style you want all picked out well in advance. Perhaps you’re already at the weight you want to be at; perhaps not – it costs nothing to play it safe and delay the purchase.

Additionally, you don’t want to get caught up in any deeply-discounted online sales, where you don’t get to try on the bridal dress before purchasing. Frankly, it’s too risky; for a $5000 Vera Wang dress to sell for $90, there’s almost certainly something wrong with it.

Budgeting for the Bridal Dress

Budgeting for the Bridal Dress HB

You can’t play fast and loose when it comes to a dress for an occasion like this – the temptation is too great to overshoot what you can afford if you don’t make limits beforehand. With an online purchase from a viable site such as azaie.com, you’ll have a wide range of customizable search options to optimize the process. This includes shopping by price, cut, length – any option that you’d want is available.

A tip from a seasoned wedding-goer: the shoes can make or break your ensemble. Either pick them out first, or get ready to tank a great dress if it doesn’t wear well. All of these tips also keep you from spending too much time on it; trust me, as someone who’s been through it multiple times – you can find yourself online all day looking at all the pretty dresses. Make a plan, and stick (mostly) to it.

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