Protect Your Valuables During Your Big Move

Protect Your Valuables During Your Big Move

Moving can be hectic for any family and one thing most people worry about is how to keep their items safe. When you spend a fortune on your electronics, the last thing you need is for items to get broken. It takes careful planning, professionals, and proper packing techniques to get everything from point A to point B safely. With smart packing tips, you don’t have to become one of the less fortunate that has to spend more precious money replacing their broken items.

Hire Professional Movers for The Job

Moving is a huge project no matter how big your home is or how much stuff you have. If you’re able to, hiring professional movers will make a big difference in your life and make your move less stressful on you. Leave your packing to the professionals because they’re experienced at what they do and they know how to pack your items properly. Make sure you stick with a well-known company, such as NorthAmerican, to receive the best services possible and to get your belongings insured.

Protect Your Valuables During Your Big Move

Start Planning Early

If you are going to do some of the work yourself, the most important thing you can do to reduce the stress during a move is to plan early. Never wait until last minute to start packing and making plans because this is how things become damaged. Start gathering supplies when you first find out about the upcoming move. You’ll need things like:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels and permanent markers
  • Ziploc bags
  • Scissors
  • Pliable cardboard

Start packing items that you know you won’t need until after the move. Choose one area of your house to start stacking boxes and packed items to keep everything out of the way and in one place for convenience.

Always Take an Inventory of Your Items

Consider your items and take an inventory of everything with value. Take photos of your items to have proof that they were present on moving day. This proof will come in handy if something turns up missing. If you can, hang on to items such as family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and important documents. You can choose to stash them away in a safety deposit box for the time being to make sure nothing happens to them. If you can’t put your valuables anywhere else, try to find hiding places for them or pack them in boxes with misleading labels such as Christmas decorations or something less obvious.

Wrap Everything Properly

Take your time when it comes to packing. This means avoid waiting until the last minute and then throwing everything in the box and sealing it with tape because this is how things get broken. Make sure you have the appropriate supplies necessary for keeping your items safe. If you have the original packaging for certain items like electronics, that’s great, but if not there are other options for you. You’ll want to make sure everything that can become damaged has adequate padding such as newspapers, towels, and blankets. Keep your power cords and cables together with the item they go to. This will make your life easier when it comes to unpacking. You’ll also want to make sure your boxes are labeled appropriately.

Moving can be made much less stressful if you start packing early. Also, hiring professional movers can give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe and insured. The fun part is unpacking and setting up your new rooms. You have a fresh start, so get creative and turn a spare room into a video game room if your heart desires it.


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  1. Great tips! We moved 1 year ago today into the house we are in now – hoping to move next summer for the last time! These will be great tips! we hired movers last time and I plan to do it again next time!

  2. We have moved house 3 times when I was growing up, and twice since I got married. Moving house is not easy but if know how to pack our stuff the right way (just like what you mentioned in this post), then we can smoothly transition into a new home. BTW, I like your idea of setting up a video game room. My boys would love that.

  3. Moving is stressful, you can’t add to the stress by losing items! These are very good tips, it’s important to pack your stuff properly and label them accordingly. Keeping track of your items is good, so make sure you have a list!

  4. We moved from Oregon to Southern California several years ago. We had the longest Penske rental truck loaded with a trailer and car attached. I drove our SUV full and we have 3 kids. We got it all down here with maybe 2-3 things broken. Lot of work to keep it safe, lots of time spent to get packing right, most important thing.

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