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27 thoughts on “Having Integrity in Your Work From Home Business”

  1. I agree that your integrity is important in a work from home business. It pays to work hard and be honest, staying away from any scammy tactics. It seems that people who try to use the are often figured out eventually. It’s just not worth it!

  2. I agree about actually behaving in the way that you say you do. A lot of times people will say the “customer is always right” or that they have excellent customer service and they actually aren’t and don’t. Integrity is number 1 in my book to have a successful business.

  3. Integrity is definitely something I hold in high regard, both in and out of the workplace. For me, no dollar amount is worth jeopardizing my beliefs.

  4. I think this is a wonderful perspective to have when running any kind of business. It really does help to have a business model that aligns with your values.

  5. Integrity is important to me but quality is equally as important. I put my time, effort, and heart into my craft and even though it gets stressful and even annoying, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The quality of my work is very important to me.

  6. This year more than ever I have come to the conclusion that the personal and the professional are a lot more closely aligned for me. In other words I can only work with people and companies whose integrity and whose mission aligns with mine. LOVED THIS POST.

  7. When you’re running a business, integrity is important and you should always make sure that your employees know the value of integrity as well. This is such an insightful post!

  8. Integrity is so important when running a professional business. Its karma and success with bred more in a sincere and integrity filled business.

  9. I completely agree, integrity is important when you are in charge. I am pto vice president at my daughters’ school this year, and there was a lot of unresolved issues due to lack of integrity last year.

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