Cooking With Health in Mind

Cooking With Health in Mind

Greasy hamburgers and oily French fries might sound appealing in your mind, but your heart and other major organs need healthier fare. In fact, many families are trying to eat better today than in previous decades. There’s more information about healthy eating and thousands of recipes found online that makes it easy to alter your meals. Cook with health in mind as you try a few of these clever tips.

Swap Out the Oil

It’s true that fats do make food taste better. You don’t have to live with tasteless food when you want to be healthy, however. Simply choose your fats with care. Olive oil is one of the best fats to cook with because it has healthy nutrients packed into the bottle. Saute some potatoes in olive oil, and you’ll still have a delicious side dish. You can even cook chicken breast in olive oil for an Italian twist on a pan-fried recipe.

Cooking With Health in Mind

Go Gluten Free

Although you won’t cut any calories, choosing gluten-free products will make your body healthier than before. Gluten is part of most grain products, such as bread. Because of genetic engineering at the food-manufacturing level, gluten is often added in large amounts to your bread items. As a result, your digestive system might become irritated during its processes. Rice flour and other gluten-free alternatives are becoming popular in markets today as a healthy choice.

Try Air Frying

Baking and steaming are the common ways to cook foods without an oily component, but there’s a new appliance on the market. Air fryers, such as those found at, cook your food as if it was submerged in oil. You’ll still have a juicy, chicken breast or roast, but there’s no oil to create more calories in your meal.

Hide the Vegetables

If you love creamy mashed potatoes, add a healthy component to them. Mix in cauliflower as you mash everything together. Your entire family will have the potatoes they love, but it comes with nutritious cauliflower. Add vegetables to other recipes that can conceal their healthy presence. Kids will never know they’re eat their vegetables with ease.

If you don’t buy the unhealthy items, they won’t be present in your kitchen and no one will eat them. Instead of filling your cabinets with chips and cookies, add a decorative bowl to the kitchen countertop. Fill it with apples, oranges and bananas. The colorful fruit will encourage your family to eat healthier without much effort.

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  1. I want to try air frying. I saw an infomercial on it and it seems really interesting and intriguing. I love hiding veggies in my meals so they are healthier. Cooking with health in mind is something I try to do every day.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about air fryers, but I’ve never actually used one before. I need to give it a try. It’s a much healthier alternative to some of our family’s favorites.

  3. Some really great suggestions. A friend of mine has a son that is super picky, I am going to share this and hope some of these ideas will help her out.

  4. My family is in the midst of converting to 100% gluten free because of my son’s intolerance to gluten. It has been hard but the amount of items that you have in your kitchen right now that are gluten free might surprise you as it did me.

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