3 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Labor Day Weekend

3 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Labor Day Weekend

For some people, Labor Day is just like any other day to stay home binging on Netflix, while for others, it is an opportunity to go out there and actually have a rocking time! What category you fall in? If you are the latter, we have some really amazing activities you can carry out on Labor Day weekend 2016 to make it more fun than just another regular national holiday. The best way to celebrate and show your love and respect to the hard workers and laborers of this country is to have a good time. Here are 3 things that you can do to make the most out of the Labor Day weekend:

Happily Blended 3 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Labor Day Weekend

  1. Be a part of the Labor Day Parade
    What could be a better way to pay tribute to the hard working class of our society than to become a part of the Labor Day Parade? The workers and laborers of this country stood up and fought for the rights of their class and labor laws. If you really want to celebrate the reason behind this three-day weekend, honor the working class by standing among them. Be a part of the Labor Day Parade organized by the New York City Central Labor Council. A wide range of labor spokespersons and union representatives will be participating in the parade. Join your brothers and sisters at Fifth Ave from 44th Street to 67th Street on this Sept. 10.
  2. Appreciate Arts and Culture
    If you desire to take advantage of the three day holiday, check out different museums and art galleries. Just appreciate the art and culture that surrounds you. Get a ticket to The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Met – the best and the most famous museum according to TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Museums in the United States. From the Old Egyptian temples, the Roman ruins to the Modern European culture, the Met covers everything about culture and art all around the world. The amazing collection of classical and modern art would leave you awestruck. Besides arts and culture, you can have a drink and relax on the rooftop and admire the skyline of the New York City.
  3. Drink
    If you just want to have a good time, what could be more relaxing than enjoying a fine conversation with friends? But, don’t do that at home. Just turn off the TV, get off your couch and drive to one of those outdoor beer gardens and hang out with your friends over a tall mug of icy cold beer. Can you think of a better alternative relaxation recipe on a hot summer day? I can’t. Lucky for you, you can find the best outdoor beer gardens in Manhattan if you feel like enjoying a pint of cold beer and may be grab a bite al fresco.

The Labor Day weekend not only brings lots of excitement with it, but also a lot of heat. Be a part of Stay Cool Challenge to beat the heat!


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  1. We stay home on almost all holidays. We live in an area that gets lots of tourists on this holiday and others and it’s safer and easier to stay home than fight traffic and be on the road with people that go out to drink.

  2. Don’t ask me why but I always end up working on Labor Day–that’s the life of a freelance bookkeeper-semi-retired or not! I’ll probably just stay in and read if I happen to be free one or two days of that weekend!

  3. I just love the start of Fall and all the bustling activities that come with it. We usually spend that weekend chilling out.

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