New England Dining – The Creek House Diner in Bethel, VT

The Creek House Diner in Bethel Vt Happily Blended Travel Dining

Driving along during one of our kid-free weekend road trips, the hunger meter went low and it was time to find us some food. Having a specific food budget and not quite sure what we felt like eating, I figured the perfect idea while in the middle of nowhere Vermont would be a quaint diner. Then it appeared, we saw The Creek House Diner. Settled on the corner of a stop sign area, we noticed it looked possibly empty. Not having ample cell service, we could search the diner but not find a whole lot about it

We decided to just pop in, couldn’t hurt, right? If prices weren’t suitable for us or the menu didn’t seem fit for our King and Queen appetite then we would leave. No problem.

The Creek House Diner in Bethel Vt Happily Blended Travel Dining

The Creek House Diner – Bethel, Vermont

We entered this diner that had a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The waitress was super nice and had a good sense of humor. A must when we visit anywhere because our kid-free road trips are meant for us to relax, rejuvenate and have some giggles! The music sounded overhead like that of a time when I was a little girl that older country type selection that transitioned me back to time. Mike sat across from me and me across from him in this comfortable booth at The Creek House Diner.

The Creek House Diner Bethel VT Visit

The menu options were wonderful and the prices completely reasonable. Our mozzarella sticks possibly could have been a bit squishier, I am all about the melt in your mouth cheese but the quantity was beyond expectations. We enjoyed a nice bowl of clam chowder, that again was certainly a great amount comparable to the price.

The Creek House Diner Bethel VT Visit

Our dinner was delicious and certainly threw me back in time, once again. The Creek House Diner nailed it for us in the following areas:

  • Nostalgia
  • Friendly people
  • Exceptional Service
  • Quality food with great serving size
  • Variety of selections on the menu
  • Reasonable prices
The Creek House Diner Bethel VT Visit
Mike being himself. Silly.

We certainly may head out to Bethel, Vermont once again to enjoy a cozy, friendly hunger satisfying meal at The Creek House Diner. We hope that you will stop into The Creek House Diner if you find yourself in Bethel, VT traveling the New England area and please do tell them that Happily Blended sent you.

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  1. I love stopping at local restaurants like this one. You get a great feel for a town, plus some really awesome food. It looks like you had a great meal, and fueled your fun for sure.

  2. I’ve never been to Vermont but I’ll always wanted to go in the wintertime for the skiing. I don’t know the area but maybe I’ll get to check this place out one day.

    1. It really is great to get out. This was one of my kid-free weekday road trips. My boyfriend and I go four days a month on just a random road trip and it’s so much fun to see what we see! This particular time we happened upon this diner, was a wonderful find in the middle of what seemed like no where land.

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