Mid Night Wakings, History Repeating, No Sleep

Mid Night Wakings, History Repeating, No Sleep

It seems that history enjoys repeating itself, if you look back upon our American history you can see some subjects coming back. Situations seem to reappear in different ways all through history. It’s just how it is. That is the same when it comes to parenthood, always something repeating itself yet with a different child or in a different form.

Mid Night Wakings, History Repeating, No Sleep

Mid Night Waking’s

For the first 4 years or so of my middle child’s life I had very minimal sleep, it made me miserable. I was quick to be angered and easily frustrated. Breaking down into tears was a common occurrence back then because not only was my middle difficult for me to learn to parent, hence why I attended counseling with him to teach me parenting skills, I was having little sleep. I recall maybe 4-5 hours a night of sleep for that whole first part of his life.

Welcome to the year 2016, my youngest child has been having off and on sleeping issues. The last four nights or so I probably got one night of somewhat full sleep, I am turning into a bear. It’s hard and it sucks. On top of the mid night waking’s there’s a lot on my plate. I have clients work to complete, which is fun for me to do but without sleep it’s making for a rough environment at home. Working from home is difficult when times like this arise. To boot, we have to move soon and still have yet to find a place.

What to Do

As stated history is repeating itself with the lack of sleep and having a lot on my plate, I get that’s how life goes and this too shall pass. In this very moment though, it’s hard to focus and concentrate on the larger picture of things because my mind is exhausted. Shoulders tense and eyes ready to cry at any moment because being sleep deprived messes with emotions.

Right now I know I must focus on one thing at a time and get things done as I always do but really I want curl up into a ball and figure out why my youngest isn’t sleeping. You see the answer to the middle child’s sleep issues was to have tonsils and adenoids removed. My youngest can have that done, but there are no openings until after the new school year starts. Combine that with major concerns of an overnight stay if he has it done, it’s just another stressor. Obviously we don’t want him missing school and we have to determine if the risks outweigh the benefits of him having this done.

I am convinced if he can just get is adenoids removed, the sleep will be better as it was with my first born and second born. Right now that solution isn’t in the near future … it’s beyond my reach and requires figuring out school vacations so he can have it completed without missing school.

Life Will Move On

I am all too aware that life will move on. Things will work out as they are meant to work out. I get it. I live by it. Just right now, in this moment, I am sleep deprived and just crying out for a way to get some sleep for everyone in this household. It stinks to try to maintain a positive attitude when all you are doing is becoming a walking zombie.

Vent Over.

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  1. There will always be a time like this when it comes to being a parent. Sleep is something that I had very little of when the twins were so little! It will eventually get better.

  2. I hate myself when I am lacking of sleep. I really need a good sleep each day so I won’t turn into a disaster.

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