Get Your Relaxation on at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark VT

Travel New England Get Your Relaxation on at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark VT

Driving about two hours up I91 north Mike and I ventured with Zebo doggy and Jenny the pug to get a night away from it all. You see, I had just taken in my niece for a couple of weeks and between the stress of that, loss of income during that time period and the stress of how my sister was treating me combined with Summer vacation starting … I was a mess! I needed to get away and so did he, it was just all way too much and I was falling apart. We were super lucky to find an opening at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark, VT during the 4th of July holiday weekend, so we took it!

Travel New England Happily Blended Newark VT Cabins

Road Trip

We took the two hour drive to Newark, VT, and then it happened we turned left onto this road that was shaded by trees. I remember thinking, is there really anything out here? We turned the bend and up on the hill were a few cabins, we had arrived at Hawkrock Cabins and the view was priceless. We almost instantly knew we would be super happy here for an overnight away from it all. A night of detaching from technology, being one with the wild and our doggies together amidst the mountain views and campfire.

Travel New England Happily Blended Vermont Cabin Stay

Entering Hawkrock Cabins

Upon entering our side of the cabin duplex we found that the place was fully furnished, we are talking dishes and utensils, stove, fridge and microwave. All that you need was here. Sure you should bring your own food, but beyond that Hawkrock Cabins had it covered! With two bedrooms and the scent of pine or was it cedar? This place brought me back to the days of visiting one of my aunts in her log cabin as a teenager. I felt relaxed and at home instantly. Mike and I were grinning ear to ear and really excited that this was our home away from home for the night.

Travel New England Happily Blended Vermont Cabin Stay

Rejuvenated Couple

The purpose of our stay at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark, VT was to rejuvenate. Mike has his own stressors going on and I had mine accumulated from family and raising kids while losing income during a two week period. I was losing my mind and feeling like I tried my best but no one understood. The one person who I thought should have been grateful I helped her out, spat in my face and when it comes to family being like that, it really sucks. My heart was heavy and my stress was getting high.

During our stay at Hawkrock Cabins we detached from smartphones, had a nice steak dinner cooked by grill and sat back to have a few drinks together with great conversations over a campfire. This one night stay at Hawkrock Cabins really helped to bring us back as a couple. I enjoyed being able to open up and listen to Mike open up, we united as a couple again and came back home feeling rejuvenated. This was the perfect idea to get away from it all after so much had been placed on our plates.

Travel New England Get Your Relaxation on at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark VT


Hawkrock Cabins Options

Fully furnished heated cabins sit on 2,600 acres of land surrounded by trails and are super popular in the winter season for snowmobiles.  There are five total cabins available at Hawkrock Cabins in Newark, VT:

  • Cabin 1: The Original (sleeps 8+)
  • Cabin 2: The Nest Cabins (sleeps 4)
  • Cabins 3 & 4: The Duplex (each side sleeps 4) – this is where we stayed in Cabin 3.
  • Cabin 5: The Quarry House (sleeps 4)

You can rent daily, weekly or monthly at Hawkrock Cabins, the owner is super easy to work with and this is a pet friendly facility. Your pets will love frolicking around in the great outdoors, with fields off in the distance, a pond and some beautiful views. Rates may vary but we paid $150 for one night, plus applicable taxes and cleaning fees.

Get Ready to Relax at Hawkrock Cabins

If you are traveling in the New England area and seeking to step away from it all, then I would highly suggest you check out Hawkrock Cabins. This is not only a fantastic place for a couple to rejuvenate together but a great family getaway location. You can detach from it all at Hawkrock Cabins. Visit to learn more about all they have to offer!

Have you ever stayed away from home in a cabin? Tell me about your experience.

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  1. You know, I am not for camping, but this looks like it would be rustic enough to keep Hubby happy and nice enough to keep me happy. LOL. I love the log cabin feel. I might have to check it out

    1. Jenny the Pug – I love her bunches. Adopted her about five years ago, she is such a ham! The cabins were great and I was glad we could bring he doggies! They loved it there.

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