Candy in the Morning?! What the What …

There's never a dull moment in this Happily Blended household of a teen daughter and two young boys. Read this story of one fine Saturday morning ...

The joys of being a work from home mother means that the kids are sometimes left to fend for themselves, after all they aren’t toddlers anymore. One would think a 7, 9 and 13 year old could make good decisions for the few hours I need to work in the morning. That’s where I was wrong. You see, I only ask for a couple of hours each morning during weekends and Summer break, after that I leave the work behind and put on the Mom Duty hat. It usually works well for us, as that’s what our life has been for nearly 8 years now.

Not sure what I was thinking …

Move on to one fine Saturday morning, after a long Family Friday Night on only five hours of sleep combined with waking up around 7am with a child having diarrhea and me working to make sure that got cleaned up so Jenny the Pug wouldn’t eat it and my house didn’t wreak of nasty poop smell. In no time the youngest child was awake because of all the movement from the other sick child. Then in no time after that, the teenager was awake. Let me tell you what, around five hours of sleep isn’t enough for these kids. All I could think is that this was going to be an adventure of a day!

There's never a dull moment in this Happily Blended household of a teen daughter and two young boys. Read this story of one fine Saturday morning ...

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I never dreamed that the boys would get so bored out of their mind so early in the morning that they would venture into the kitchen to find what they could find. I made sure each had breakfast, so it’s not like they were starving to death or anything. Yet, here they were raiding the kitchen cabinets without my knowledge. I walk out to get some coffee and do my regular peek in on the kids only to find my sons have lollipops in their mouths. At 11am.

What the what?!

I then state in a matter of fact tone to the kids, “since when is candy allowed in the morning hours?!”

The middle child then replies, “since we are at Daddy’s!”

Kudos kid, but umm I don’t look like a guy, at least I don’t think I do?! Well anyways, the youngest child then pipes in to let me know the microwave clock says pm therefore it is afternoon, not morning. You know, because the microwave is right. Love how they cite proof for ways to get away with bad choices.

I state that the microwave is clearly bi-polar and move on because what can you do? They already had the lollipops devoured nearly done and it’s not going to kill them. I guess from now on I will be poking my head out more often from work at home space to ensure no candy is being consumed in the morning.

Cheers to another fabulous day in the Happily Blended household, where nothing surprises me anymore.

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    1. You know, it made me giggle after I read it over. The whole scenario was kinda funny …. I agree it won’t hurt them at all! I decided it’s fun to share some more personal silly stories that happen in the work at home mom world of mine 😉

  1. Pardon the typos in my other comment. Let’s try this again! Kids are so smart, they know how to turn on the charm to get out of any fix… I love the microwave time excuse. Ha! This made me smile. 🙂

  2. This is too cute! My kids think candy first thing in the morning is the only way to live. It drives me nuts!

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