A Boardwalk Stroll and Fireworks at Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach NH Visit

Every other weekend the man and I head out on a random road trip. We don’t always have a destination in mind, but one time months back my man had a destination in mind. He was going to test my dang anxiety and see about playing Bingo near the seacoast. He had told me about this Bingo option in the past but I was reluctant to agree, so he just brought me knowing that my anxiety may take over and I wouldn’t go in. That’s exactly what happened and I felt horrible, but being the man he is, having compassion for my anxiety, he had a plan B in mind.

Hampton Beach NH Visit

That plan B was Hampton Beach, NH. He knew I loved the ocean so much and while it was completely off season and bit chilly to be strolling along the board walk at Hampton Beach in NH, we enjoyed our evening stroll. Since this time, we have ventured back to Hampton Beach, NH during our road trip adventures because it’s just a magical place where we connect. During the off season we experienced the ghost town feeling of stores being closed and few people around us. Then during the peak season we go to experience the joyful sound of many cultures, food and the sweet sound of waves rolling in off the ocean.

Hampton Beach NH Sand Sculpture Contest

As time has gone one, we are sharing this special location with the children.  Mike found that Hampton Beach, NH has weekly fireworks during the Summer season on Wednesday night. Let me tell you what, the first mention of this made me cringe as I am super strict about having my sons to bed at a specific time regardless of school season or not. The good news is that as my sons get older, I have learned to be a bit more flexible with the bedtime during Summer season. This allowed us to take the boys off to Hampton Beach, NH to enjoy some fireworks and arcade time. That evening was magical, I was able to see the bond build between Mike and the boys which of course means the world to me!

Hampton Beach NH with Kids

As time goes on I see this father type figure in Mike that I admire, he really is a great man to our family unit here. Next time we had a chance, which was on the 4th of July, we took my daughter and her friend up to Hampton Beach, NH to play in the arcades, shop stores and watch the fireworks. This was a whole different experience, us bringing teenagers to the ocean but it was such a great time.

Hampton Beach NH with Teens

Check Out Wednesday Fireworks at Hampton Beach, NH

I highly recommend anyone who wants to get away for a day or even a weekend, head on over to Hampton Beach, NH and see all that the location near the Atlantic Ocean has to offer you and your family.

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  1. I love the idea of having a regular random trip! Especially in the summer when the weather is just gorgeous. Hampton Beach sounds lovely. I would go just for that blooming onion!

  2. What a fun getaway for your family. I think it’s great to just get up and take in a new place on an impromptu trip. I love the idea. 🙂

  3. I really never think of New Hampshire being near the Atlantic–I love the ocean and strolling along boardwalks. Not sure about the fireworks—but it would be a great place to spend a weekend. I loved those sand sculptures!

  4. I looooooove Hampton Beach, but haven’t been up that way in a few years. Now that I read all about how much fun you guys had there, I HAVE to make time to get back there.

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