6 Tips to Rise Above Your Circumstances

Happily Blended Features 6 Tips To Rise Above Your Circumstances

Adults spend far too much time taking life way too seriously. Sure you have bills to pay, sure the kids have needs to meet and life has its own demands. I get it. That’s reality for every adult in society. Being an adult is serious business.

I have and will continue to deal with trying times, that’s part of this adult card. There will be days that no income hits my PayPal account, there will be days I have paid the bills or have to push out a bill to the following week. I have days we have to eat something as stupid as grilled cheese for dinner, all because the money gets tight every so often. That’s part of being an adult, life happens. For me, it’s all about rolling with the punches and changing my mindset. Having grilled cheese for dinner only bothers me; the kids think it’s a great treat!

Happily Blended Features 6 Tips To Rise Above Your Circumstances

If you truly want to make changes towards a positive future, then learning how to rise above your circumstances, will help boost your esteem and lead you walking forward one step at a time.

6 Tips to Rise Above Your Circumstances

  • Allow Feelings to be Felt – I was guilty of just pushing those negative emotions down, deep inside. Do not allow feelings to be pushed away, they will only sprout up later on at the most inconvenient time. Allow feelings to be felt, accept them, acknowledge them and work through them.
  • Admire the Ups and Downs – I have learned that every household has its ups and downs, regardless of how happy and wealthy one appears to be, they also have their issues. Life is a roller coaster ride, learn to admire that ride. For every time you rise above the down moments, only to focus on that upward motion, you grow as a stronger person.
  • Trust That You Are Taking Care Of – If you are reading this blog post, then chances are you are taken care of. This means you have some form of shelter, food to nourish you and a way to access the internet to read How to Rise Above your Circumstances. Trust that you are taken care of because you have the bare minimum available to you at this very moment.
  • Be In the Moment – yesterday has already happened, wake up each day to a new mindset, a new life and a new chance to be a better person. We all have this moment, the next moment is unknown, live each day in the moment so as to truly enjoy life. Your circumstances can fluctuate day to day, but at this moment? Your life is amazing because you are alive, enjoy this moment!
  • Lighten Up – as stated in the introduction to how to rise above your circumstances, adults take life a bit too seriously. I personally never thought I took life wicked seriously, I thought I was pretty light hearted, but admit as circumstances pushed forth, my adult personality started to stiffen up. I’m glad to be a bit lighter now, because my heart feels full and life is good.
  • Play Often – if you have kids get down to their level and do something fun with them. Nothing heals the soul like laughter among friends and family. A child’s laughter and smile can warm the heart of any parent. Learn to play, joke and feel that feeling that comes with a full belly laugh. Play often because life is short and this moment won’t be here forever.

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  1. Great advice! I definitely think adults should remember to play more! It helps us remember how fun life can be even when things are a little tough.

  2. These are great tips. Now that we’ve added a second child to the mix, I am trying to make even more of an effort to play often and live in the moment.

  3. I’ts important to have a positive mindset especially when you’re raising a family. These tips are very effective and I make sure I apply them as much as I can in my everyday life.

  4. I know a lot of people who are having difficulties and anxieties with what they have been into. This is a great read.

    1. Some days are so hard, I just curl up and let out a good cry. Then I move forward from there. It is good to let it out like that and release to be able to rise above the circumstances you face. At least it works for me 😉

  5. Yes, Yes, yes to all these tips. I used to feel so awful when I felt awful, but now I acknowledge the feel and it goes away much quicker.

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