Just One Inspirational Sign on my Bathroom Wall

Just one inspirational sign can change your life far beyond measure. Brandy Ellen shares her story of how one sign made her life so much happier.

Sitting there working in an office for a year, at first it was exhilarating. I was in charge of tasks, I was interacting with people.  I worked for local staffing agency downtown as an administrative assistant in house. This means I wasn’t one of their temporary in the field workers, I was right there in the office helping with the hiring process – well doing the office side of that, where the recruiters did the interviewing and recruiting side.

Just one inspirational sign can change your life far beyond measure. Brandy Ellen shares her story of how one sign made her life so much happier.

The year there proved to be a great learning experience, while I utilized most of the skills I had used in past years, I learned a few new tricks of the office trade for sure. I enjoyed getting to know my co-workers and forming what I had thought were great relationships with them. As time went on in this little office, it was just too much. The environment started to play a toll on me, I had opened up a bit too much to people who really were co-workers not friends outside of work and also the work load on my plate was tiring. The biggest thing that did it for me was the negative energy and stress I was bringing home.

Not only was I making an hourly rate, then salary, and then back to hourly – I actually had to take out a title loan on my car to pay bills during the initial stages of being in this home I currently reside in. Working part time, full time then part time – while also working best I could from home on my home business side of things and I had to take a title loan out? Are you kidding? That was the total kick in my butt.  I thought I could manage it, I loved the work, but between the funds being beyond lower compared to what I knew I could make from home and the office negativity and tension feeding my stress levels … I had to come back home.

What really brought me back home was this inspirational sign on my bathroom wall. This one dollar sign I purchased at either Dollar Tree or a similar store said a few words and hung to the left of my bathroom sink. The inspirational sign on my bathroom wall said, “Be the Change You Want to See”. That one inspirational sign hanging on my bathroom wall is what ignited me to say “screw this, your health is fading, you are miserable and you can make much more in less time at home while being happier. Just make that change!”

It was scary, it was nerve wracking. I mean my rent is $1100 a month … never had I a rent so high. I was wondering if I could do it, a single-adult household living Mom with three kids – $1100 a month rent and walking away from a stable bi-weekly paycheck. Then it dawned on me, I believe in the Law of Attraction. Things always work out for me, so as long as I Left the job and came home to work my butt off, all of my health issues would slowly fade, my happiness would ignite and my family would be able to experience the Mama and girlfriend they knew me to be.

I never looked back, I left. I miss them from time to time, mostly that interaction with customers but I get that on occasion working from home too. I can find ways to get interaction, but I can’t find ways to be happy when working in an environment that felt draining to me after a year.

Want to know something else?

That one inspirational sign on my bathroom wall, “Be The Change You Want to See” helped me to leave the job, come home and nearly triple my income in less than three months! Can you imagine?

The moral of this story is quite simple, for all of those out there stuck in a rut and feeling like you must do whatever it is you are doing. That you must live the way you are living. I say no you do not have to. I say get an inspirational sign to hang right there in a place you look every morning, it won’t take long before that sign leads you forward just as it did with me.

Cheers to you finding your piece of happy in the life you live, each and every day!

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  1. My grandmother used to have a sign in her bathroom that I’ll never forget (this was back in the 70’s). It was a warning to hurry up!

  2. I believe in the law of attraction too. I’m not quite ready to take a giant leap of faith like you did but working my way to achieving my goals one day at a time! Glad to hear things worked out for you 🙂

  3. I am always working on that quote. It has also opened a lot of opportunities for me. As long as we believe we can, then we can. With the guidance of God, nothing is impossible. Stay happy!

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