How to Take a Shower Outside – Epic Wipes

Epic Wipes - Kickstarter Campaign Featued at Happily Blended

If you live an active lifestyle, hiking to a mountain top, riding mountain bikes or making you just like jumping in mud puddles, then Epic Wipes is a product you must check out.

Epic Wipes are a massive wet wipe perfect for sports, military, medical and outdoor. These wipes are so large, see below, that you almost could take a shower outside with them. Seriously!

Made of 100% bamboo fiber, antibacterial essential oils, as well as biodegradable materials all the while being paraben and toxin free, these are seriously a product many will start to see roll out as being one of the must have items for any lifestyle.

Epic Wipes - Kickstarter Campaign Featued at Happily Blended


Here’s my story –Β  back in the day when my kids were younger and used wipes, I would often be found wiping their faces as well as their whole bodies with these little tiny wipes. My two sons knew how to make a mess for sure! Epic Wipes knows people do this and wanted to solve it by creative a wipe that was large enough for anyone while still being safe for the environment.

You can find Epic Wipes kickstarter campaign going on now, click here to go support this fantastic product!

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  1. My kids need these. I don’t know how they do it, but they can destroy themselves. The sad thing is, they’re not little anymore they’re old enough to realize what they’re doing to themselves. I just shake my head and do tons of laundry and showers.

  2. You know, we are always out and about and could totally use these. I have been hearing more and more about them. May have to check them out. Thanks for sharing

  3. HahaI always told my husband that even after my littles grew up i’d carry wipes because of how handy they are. looks like they’ve made it possible!

  4. These wipes look like they will be perfect for cleaning up big messes. I wish I had these when my kids were little.

  5. I need these wipes for my family. I love the size. Traditional wipes are so small it takes a ton to clean up the kids.

  6. I think it’s great to have these wipes. I bet they work great for those that are very active. I could see myself using them too. My husband would really love them because his job has to do with working outside all the time.

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