Mommy Blogger – Blogging Changed my Life for the Better

Mommy Blogger - Blogging Changed my Life for the Better

Many moons ago I was talking with my girlfriend from Texas on the phone, after having been her affiliate manager and assisting her to build her online boutique we were brainstorming various ways to earn income from home. Then it hit us, blogging, because I believe at the time she had just started and we knew others who had started to make a decent income from blogging. In December 2008 I decided to spread my wings and dive into this world of blogging. The first stage of this business in blogging was really about pushing my direct sales company product (I was a part of many direct sales companies for two years) as a work from home Mama. I attempted to use my blog, originally named Writings of a WAHM, as a means to simply support my three children because my then husband had left his job. I had to do something to make money while still raising the kids. Blogging seemed to be the best viable option for me; after all I had been writing since a young age, it was my passion.

Mommy Blogger - Blogging Changed my Life for the Better

Since December 2008 I have added onto my blogging life with a virtual assistant and blogging assistant business, I have attended a conference and gone off to NYC for Ragu, I have read and researched how to make money blogging. I even wrote some articles both as a ghostwriter and on my own site about how others can also make money blogging, you know having the freedom to be a work from home Mama and still enjoy those kid moments that go by way too fast. It’s all a dream come true for me, but it wasn’t like that from day one.

Blogging began as a way for me to push sales and make commissions but what it ended up being was a way to work in a world where I live a positive lifestyle and have the forward thinking mindset. Blogging has helped me remain positive when times get tough and blogging has helped me connect with like-minded individuals, all the while remaining true to my core beliefs, values and morals. Never have I strayed from that path, and sure that meant it took about three years before I was really making a solid income that I could fully support a family on, but that’s the point of a business. You see, if you are going to go into blogging to make money well then you best be prepared with some sort of goals and dreams for how you will earn the money, as it won’t come to you while sitting on your rump just writing articles in hopes someone somewhere wants to hear your whining or your boasting, that’s not how this works. That method will earn you some major exposure at first, but soon you will be a fad that fades.

My personal opinion is that you can’t make a living on just being a Mommy Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger or Foodie Blogger. With that being said, there are some amazingly successful bloggers in those categories that excel beyond belief, but they have put the overtime, sweat , blood and tears into their blog to get there and they are okay with that. Can you be the next big blogger? Yes. Anyone can be anything they set their mind to, that’s the wonderful joys of being a free person with our own goals, dreams and aspirations. The key is to know what it is you want, know how much money you have to make to survive and know what morals and values you aren’t willing to set aside just to make some cash.

Blogging changed my life because it opened the doors to showing everyone around me as well as myself that I can do this. Blogging showed me that I can make money from home while still attending all of my kids sporting events, concerts and important milestone events along the path of parenthood. Not once have I felt I had to put on some front for the entire world and honestly? That’s part of what many people have prided me on over the last 8 years – that I am a real person who is honest, loyal and stays true to who I am in real life with my blog. If you happen upon Happily Blended and read through the articles, you will notice a trend – that I always find the positive, that I don’t dwell on the past and that all of my stories and photos are taken in real life. My blog also shows that I make mistakes, I have had a divorce and failed relationships, but the thing is – I don’t ever feel like a failure.  I even went back to work in an office for a year only to find that the money I make online far exceeds what I could make sitting an in office all day. For me, blogging has allowed me to feel proud, accomplished and earn enough money to do some extra activities throughout the year.

What has blogging done for you? How long have you been blogging and what would you say to someone who is getting frustrated with the whole “blogging job” as a means to inspire them to either move away from or move forward in the industry?

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  1. Ahhh – I love reading how other bloggers started and made it with a successful blog. Thank you for sharing your story. I just started my website a few months ago, so it’s nice to know a timeline of three years being a reasonable goal for it to be profitable. 🙂

  2. I started my first blog in 2007 when we were adopting our daughters from Ukraine. I stopped blogging when we got home from Ukraine with 2 tweens who only spoke Russian. Then 2 years later, in January 2009, I realized that we had a ton of debt. I started blogging initially to keep myself accountable to pay off debt and to share deals I was finding along the way. Over time, we paid off all of our debt and my blog morphed into a lifestyle blog. I’ve made incredible friends, had incredible opportunities, and am proud to say that I’ve been blogging for as long as I have!

  3. I love hearing about other bloggers successes. You have really built up a great business for yourself and I am really proud of you 🙂

  4. Love reading about other bloggers journeys. They are always so interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Blogging has definitely changed my life for the better too. Thanks for sharing your journey and letting us get to know you better.

  6. What a joy to read your journey. We should all make it a point to share our stories, especially since I think we would all agree that we never imagined our blogs blossoming into something so wonderful.

  7. What a great post, I enjoyed reading about your journey. I am still amazed by the opportunities that you can get through blogging.

  8. Blogging has also changed my life and many others that I know. When you have a great support system behind you and people in your life that “get it” then the sky is the limit with this!

  9. It’s nice to read the positive side because there are so many great things about it. I can’t believe all of the experiences blogging has allowed me. Those memories are my biggest benefit.

  10. I started my blog over five years ago and really did not even fully grasp what a blog was! Things quickly changed from what I started the blog to do originally and I’ve been amazed at the opportunity that has come from it. What a great option isn’t it? You have been very smart about your path!

  11. What a great post, this is such an inspiration especially tot hose who are newbies in the blogging world.

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