The Key to a Secure Relationship

The Key to a Secure Relationship

This week I discussed how Facebook affects our relationship and what cyber cheating is, all on a mission to conclude with this article of the key to a secure relationship. You see, no external source can destroy your relationship. If your monogamous relationship fails then it was a break within the connection you two held; sometimes external sources make you question life as you know it when in reality your relationship is completely solid.

The Key to a Secure Relationship

How to Maintain a Secure Relationship

The biggest issue in a relationship can be when you try to read your partner’s mind or expect your partner to read your mind. When trying to assume what your partner is thinking you are enabling insecurity to rise up in between your love life. Stop assuming and trying to interpret what the other person is thinking. Learn to discuss openly your feelings in a non-attacking way so that you both have an open relationship where both are comfortable discussing anything with each other.

Remember that a perfect relationship doesn’t exist, seriously. Give up on that fairy tale world of everything being sunshine and roses, reality is a relationship takes work from both sides. Two people can break it and two people can make it! A secure relationship will be one with trials and tribulations but when you maintain the thought that you both want to make it on the other side together, that’s when your bond becomes secure.

The Key to a Secure Relationship
Mike and I work hard to make sure we always come out on the other side of any bumps that arise in our relationship.We have true love and a very secure bond together in our relationship.

How to Avoid Social Media Negativity

The number one way to avoid social media negativity seeping into your relationship is to engage in open communication about what’s bothering you. If you see something that doesn’t sit well with you, then first evaluate your thoughts, process the emotions and sit down for a heart to heart with the person you love to figure a way to get beyond it.

When it comes down to having a secure relationship, you really need to have the trust to confide in each other even if you know the other person will have a difference in opinion about the matter. Social media only causes a wedge between your partner and you, if you allow it to. Sure there are the real scenarios of cyber cheating and a partner seeking attention because they are not having their needs met at home. Anything is possible in life and love, but having the secure relationship together to openly discuss needs that aren’t being met or feelings that are off will totally assist you in having a secure long-term relationship.

The Secure Relationship Secrets

If you want to continue on having a secure relationship then follow these tips below:

  • Leave past experiences at the door – this is a new relationship with a new person.
  • Don’t make up problems – if there are no problems, don’t go looking for one.
  • Focus on the positive things in your relationship – this helps keep you focused on the future.
  • Have open communication without an attacking tone – talk once emotions are settled.

There is no reason for anyone to ruin a relationship over silly nonsense, remain faithful and hopeful that your relationship is a secure relationship. Continue loving your partner regardless of your fear of being hurt, don’t love as a means to gain something from your partner – love because you truly enjoy your partner as a human being and you will find love begot love. Security begot security. These things will help ensure there is no way in heck any external source will place a wedge between your relationship!

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  1. I would say my husband and I have a secure relationship. We fight like normal couples but know at the end of the day we love each other.

  2. I love this, so very true – it can be so hard to leave the past behind and not bring it with you especially when it comes to bad things, but expecting the same from your current love isn’t good. x

  3. I agree that open communication is key to a secure relationship. Being open with your partner leads to issues bring resolved and trust – couldn’t be more important. Great post!

  4. Love it! Especially the social media advice. My hubby and I area married for 26 years and NOW we have issues about being disconnected because of social media. I am a blogger so I spend a lot of time online, but I feel like it is working, not fun. We have been working it out and have come to an agreement…but it was weird after all these years to deal with online messes and oversharing!

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