Hot Nails with Jamberry

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Hot Summer Nails

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I am looking like one hot Mama with these adorable optical illusion (overlap) nail art from Jamberry nails. One of the things I hate most about trying to make my nails look pretty is the fact that nail polish seems to get ALL over my fingers. I have never been one to master the art of nail polish, unless it’s on my toes then well, I do okay. Today I am sharing with you the adorable optical illusion Jamberry nail set I received from a local friend. As a means to do what I do best, supporting other people in their success, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some ways you too can have hot nails. Please also show some support for this local friend and mother by visiting her Jamberry store and picking out a pair or two of Jamberry nails for yourself. I’d love to hear how they work for you!

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Hot Summer Nails

Tips to Give yourself a Manicure – While Using Jamberry

  • Give your nails a salt bath to avoid brittle nails.
  • Remove your invisible cuticle.
  • Try a chamomile bath for your yellow tinged nails.
  • Brighten your nails using rose water, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Use a moisturizing hand cream often to keep hands & nails soft.

The Process of Jamberry Nail Wraps

I am certainly rated B for beginner when it comes to putting these Jamberry nail wraps on, combine that with the fact that my natural nails don’t want to grow longer than a teeny bit before cracking. I am planning to give my nails a manicure daily using my tips set forth above as a means to get longer hot nails. For now, I am happy with the results of the Jamberry nail wraps and to be honest, with a cost of $15 you can get more than one set out of that $15 – which rocks for those who want to do their nails more than once or have matching toes with nails this Summer.

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Hot Summer Nails

I used my hairdryer to make the Jamberry nail wraps curl up for easy placement upon my nails. I then trimmed up any excess Jamberry nail wrap to ensure the overlap was a perfect fit. I think that Jamberry nail wraps are the perfect addition to anyone who enjoys staying beautiful and wants to show off their fancy nails this Summer.

Have a peek at my friend’s Jamberry site, and let me know which set looks like it would be perfect for you!

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  1. There are so many cute wraps for nails out now. I have acrylics, so I can’t use these, but I wish I could because I love so many of the designs.

  2. I really like the design you picked. I would like to try Jamberry nail wraps and I love the Disney Bambi design.

  3. Years ago, I got to try Jamberry wraps. I have to say I did love them and they did last a long time.

  4. I love your nails! I also love putting nail arts on my nails, it is so fun to do. I haven’t tried Jamberry wraps.

  5. Someday I am going to get the nerve up to try some of the fun nail things. Seems like every time I am close a couple of my nails break. Not sure how you all do it?

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