What is Cyber Cheating

What is Cyber Cheating

Cyber Cheating is a reality for some while others feel it is a removed point and not valid. After all if you are with the person every day and in a monogamous relationship with them, then talking to the opposite sex shouldn’t matter. That’s where people have a narrow view of what cyber cheating actually is, you see cyber cheating is not about your partner conversing with the opposite sex in a reasonably friendly way. Engaging with the opposite sex is natural; it is going to happen when you go to the store, when you go to a restaurant, etc. What is over stepping and starts sliding into cyber cheating is when:

You partake in online activity that involves viewing explicitly sexual materials, participating in discussions of sexual ideas or fantasies, and online interactions with at least one person with the result being that you are sexually aroused.

What is Cyber Cheating

Basically if you are conversing with a member of the opposite sex on a regular basis behind your partner’s back, because after all you know they wouldn’t be okay with this, then reality is you quite possibly are partaking in cyber cheating. Think about the impact these discussions would have on your partner if the person you are conversing with actually goes and sheds light on your private conversations with them? If you feel that your partner wouldn’t be pleased – then stop doing what you are doing. That is unless you want your monogamous relationship to end.

Reality is everyone is sexually aroused from looking at a person walking down the street to the next beautiful actor or actress, that’s not the crime here. Cyber cheating is when your partner, or yourself, are partaking in activities that result in an emotional or sexual connection with a person outside of your monogamous relationship. The issue with cyber cheating is that there actually are about 60% of people who don’t feel this virtual interaction is cheating; they firmly believe and feel that they are committed to their monogamous relationship.

As discussed earlier in this week when I talked about how Facebook Affects Our Relationships; it’s all about what each of you has for beliefs and discussions pertaining to this topic. There is no right definition or answer when it comes to cyber cheating, as it’s based upon feelings of inadequacy or feeling as if your partner is not committed to you. Period. That feeling is triggered by different scenarios for every person.

My advice to you is that if you feel your partner doesn’t have the same definition of what cyber cheating is, and feels they are not guilty of such a thing because they are always with you and do everything with you, etc. etc.…. well you need to be honest with yourself and them. Life is far too short to let social media interfere with your monogamous relationship, but if you find you can’t get on the same page with your partner as it pertains to interactions with the opposite sex online and you are feeling as if you are losing trust, then work to correct the situation with your partner and continue the monogamous relationship happily or choose to end it so that you no longer are taking away from each other’s life.

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  1. Thank you for writing this! I think our society has become so complacent about things like this because “well it’s only online” has turned into “it’s normal, everyone does it” therefore it must not be wrong.

  2. I’m glad you cleared up what cyber cheating really is. It’s not harmless and can damage a marriage or relationship as much as for-real cheating. I think it’s disgusting.

  3. I have heard of several relationships destroyed by cyber cheating. The Internet is great, but it allows us to act on our negative desires.

  4. I’d never really thought about what cyber cheating is but I can see how it could hurt a relationship. I think the internet is good in so many ways but can cause hurt in so many others.

  5. Ugh. Cyber Cheating is REAL and happens every day. It definitely is another worry for couples as they navigate through life. It’s completely uncalled for, in my opinion, and I would consider Cyber Cheating just as real as actual cheating.

  6. As long as both husband and wife are in a healthy relationship with one another hopefully this won’t be such an issue. I think it is a problem that is growing every year.

  7. This is a great post on cyber cheating. It really can affect a relationship if you our your partner are doing it behind the others back. This is something that you have to be on the same page for if you want to stay together. Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Great post. I’ve never really thought of this before but cyber cheating is still cheating! I have very strong opinions on cheating so this would fall into that too. You have to agree with your spouse on this kind of thing and thankfully we do!

  9. Cyber cheating is real and end many relationships. people seem to lose control on social media and think they will never be caught.

  10. Very interesting perspective and topic today! I agree that it’s a problem if people aren’t recognizing this is a form of cheating today and it’s only going to become more common with the way the world is shifting.

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