The Barn Restaurant & Tavern in Pawlet, VT #traveltuesday

The Barn Restaurant in Pawlet VT

Today I am going to discuss our dining experience at The Barn Restaurant in Pawlet, VT, but first …

When my kids head to their Dad’s for their every other weekend visit with the co-parents, my man and I head off on some random road trip adventure.  Sometimes we have a destination in mind, sometimes our destination gets detoured.  Other times we usually just hop in the van to head out because we both work from home and that change of scenery does us well. We are two people who both enjoy making others happy. We enjoy creating our own individual happiness. These road trips have proven to build who we are and reconnect as a couple.

The Barn Restaurant in Pawlet VT

On this particular kid-free weekend we had happened upon the first marble quarry in the United States. We usually don’t spend a whole lot on our road trips, just $20 in gas to go have an adventure. The problem with this weekend was that we both started to get hungry, so finding a place to dine was important.

The Barn Restaurant  in Pawlet VT

The Barn Restaurant in Pawlet, VT

Since the middle of no-where had minimal cell service it was difficult for us to research places in the area. We saw The Barn Restaurant, but weren’t sure about it. We wanted to make sure the menu pricing wasn’t out of our budget. The Barn Restaurant was found on Google Search and as we looked at reviews and pricing, we decided this would be a fantastic place to dine.

Driving up into the parking lot I felt a sense of amazement, I am a total sucker for a rustic décor and this place had it. With the bottom of their location being a tavern, the top portion proved to be a quaint, rustic dining area. The Barn Restaurant was quite a happening place for some random location in the middle of Pawlet, VT. There were about four other tables with guests dining at The Barn Restaurant.

The menu was fantastic and prices proved to be reasonable. I wish I could recall what I had, some form of chicken and it was super delicious. Sadly, when Mike ordered his steak he asked for it to be cooked medium and it wasn’t made right the first time. The second time around the chef didn’t match his requests either and it appeared as if they just plopped the sides on the plate. With that being said, we ended up with our appetizer of baked potato free due to them burning half of them.

The Barn Restaurant in Pawlet VT Travel

The Barn Restaurant – My Ranking

There were most certainly some pros and some cons to The Barn Restaurant, but as a whole I would give it a 3.5 or maybe a 4 out of 5 stars; here’s my personal break down of the reason why it’s not a full 5 stars for us:

  • Waiter didn’t check on us as often as I would expect.
  • When trying to fix an error in cooking, they did so with haste versus taking time to present the food properly the second time around.
  • The location is tight, but comfortable so if it were a full house someone like me with anxiety would feel cramped.

Here are some positives to The Barn Restaurant and why I really think you all should go to Pawlet, VT and check this location out:

  • Quiet, quaint small town barn turned restaurant. A rustic décor and appeal warms your heart and makes you feel like you are part of the community.
  • The prices are fantastic for the portions, just be specific when ordering a medium steak – meaning let them know if you want medium rare or medium well.
  • Warm homemade rolls are served constantly, free of charge with butter on the side. A fantastic addition to their service.
  • The waiters and other staff were nice, tried to please the customers and were dressed in what I call fancy type outfits – not what you would envision when walking into the place.

Overall, I most certainly would recommend anyone traveling in the Pawlet, VT area to head in to The Barn Restaurant and see what this small town charm offers you. As with all experiences, no one has the same experience and ours was most certainly an overall positive experience. I will most certainly go to The Barn Restaurant again in the future!

Check out The Restaurant Barn’s Website

Click here to visit this locations websites.

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  1. Looks so different than anything I am used to around here! That makes it much more appealing! Looks like a great place to check out!

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