Travel Vermont Dorset VT Marble Quarry

Travel Vermont Dorset VT Marble Quarry

On one of our random road trips destination waterfalls we veered off the path towards destination unknown, as is with our road trips. Among our travels were ample farms with perfectly shaped silos amidst green pastures full of livestock, as we ventured further along route 30 in Vermont we came upon large pieces of marble. I was like, “whoa big rocks, let’s go check that out” and turn around we did.

Travel Vermont Dorset VT Marble Quarry

Come to find out we happened upon a historical location that is privately owned, opened to the public so as long as you take your trash with you, don’t ruin the property and vacate at dusk. As we ventured past the large pieces of marble at the entrance we came upon an open source of water, sadly graffiti has taken over the area and come to find out that’s one of the ongoing issues the private owners are having with the Dorset VT Marble Quarry, too many visitors and not enough volunteers to keep the space clean and tidy as a means to preserve this historical sight.

Travel Vermont Dorset VT Marble Quarry

As we walked around, there was a middle area that the man found and wanted to figure out how to get to. The adventurer soul in my man took over and off he went to get a different perspective of the Dorset VT Marble Quarry. Go ahead; take a peek at the photos I captured as he navigated to this area:

Dorset VT Oldest Marble Quarry in the United States

This is a great place to check out if you are seeking a road trip adventure to Dorset, Vermont a location full of old history and beautiful sights, mainly if you are interested in seeing the oldest marble quarry in the United States, circa 1785. Back in the day this place must have been hustling and bustling with marble quarrying and even as you walk around there lies slabs of marble that must have been taken out back then and never brought anywhere.

Oldest Marble Quarry in the United States

Travel Vermont Dorset VT Marble Quarry

As transportation and methods of quarrying material like this became more efficient old quarries such as this slowly died and people moved on, but the sights are still there for you to visit as you sit back and imagine how this place looked back during the peak of it’s operational days. Along the way you will see carvings of women in the stone among stamps that date back in the 1700’s, we really enjoyed this breathtaking stop on our road trip and hope that you make the journey to Dorset, VT to see it for yourself someday.

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  1. That looks amazing. I love wandering when I travel and seeing what kinds of interesting things I can find – like this – that I might not know about otherwise.

  2. Ooh I love random site seeing on road trips! It’s so much fun and it looks like you found a gem here. What a shame that people feel the need to deface historical sites like you mentioned though. It looks like a great place to visit and if I’m ever in the area I’ll be sure to check it out. 🙂

  3. This looks like such a beautiful site to see. I love the way the rock formations and water look so serene.

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