Start Living life on Your Terms

Start Living life on Your Terms

There was a time my temper ruled this body, the instant reaction from a disagreeing conversation with be a physical lash out to someone or an inanimate object. I was gifted with a hot temper, but most won’t know that, most from my current chapter in life are unaware of just how brutal I could be in my past. While I don’t condone living in your past, ever, there is a reason to revisit it every so often, such as:

  • Reminds you of how far you have come.
  • Keeps you knowing what you don’t want to be.
  • Allows you to be proud of moving forward.

Start Living life on Your Terms

Once you have been able to accept who you once were, such as for me the aggressive angry person that few witnessed, you are able to fully come forward to be the person you want to be. The decision to be someone better each day is all about a mindset. You must feel to your core being, deep within your soul that you will be something better today than you were yesterday. There doesn’t have to be huge changes to be better than you were yesterday, just the tiniest of positive change will help you to become something more today.

Wake up each day thankful that you are not who you were yesterday, a month ago or even years ago; be grateful for all of the hard work you put forth into molding the person you became. There is nothing wrong with being proud for all that you have become, don’t let society make you feel as if what you have going on isn’t good enough. Society has a way to making people think their accomplishments are not good enough, that their woes are not bad enough and that we as human beings can’t accept and acknowledge our own strengths or weaknesses as valid things.

I say stop that, stop allowing society to dictate your thoughts and what’s acceptable. Start being something better than you were yesterday. Start living for love, laughter, peace and happiness. Start listening to your own inner voice and release all that society is shoving into your brain. Start living today …. You won’t regret it!

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  1. I think it’s great that you have found a way to move forward from your past. I’m sure almost all of us can say we’ve done things that we are not very happy with in our younger days. The important thing is to do like you said and try to be a better person every day! 🙂

  2. When I look back at the person I was, I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow and change. I don’t hold any regrets for all of the past versions of myself, but I’m much happier with who I am today.

  3. I’ve been there too Brandy. It’s definitely a journey and I’m thankful as well. When I feel the heat building, I’ve learned to step back and take moment. Thanks for sharing your own story.

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