How we Roll – Road Trips Style

How we Roll – Road Trips Style

I have shared a couple of our road trips during the kid-free weekends, but I wanted to share a bit of beauty behind our road trips. Not only do our road trips help us to reconnect as a couple, for we work to make sure electronics are away – riding in the car for hours on ends with smartphones put away means we are semi-forced to talk to each other. Road trips with no smartphones in hand are a great idea for any couple suffering from communication issues.

How we Roll – Road Trips Style

As we are two proactive people, we prefer to maintain our weekend road trips because that doesn’t let things slip away, with that being said, road trips are just fun. He loves driving, I prefer to ride in the passenger seat and as we travel all over New England we get to see some pretty cool sights. Like the photo above captured up in the White Mountains, gorgeous right?

We had some drone adventures with our Phantom Standard Drone from as well, some fabulous photos captured on that as well. Here’s a photo of us using the drone up in the White Mountains:

Drone Photo Road Trips White Mountains NH

Wherever we go we find beauty in nature and have great conversations with random people. One of our most recent road trips ended us up in the Green Mountain Forest where Robert Frost actually was inspired to write some of his poetry at, more on that in another post!

There’s just something about the random conversations we have during these road trips that help keep us connected and maintaining that excitement we had for each other back when we first started dating. I cherish these road trips, and while conversation is totally random, a fly listening in would totally be shaking their head, we love it so very much.

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  1. Road trips are a great way to connect with each other! I am guilty of being on electronics a bit too much (checking my email and social channels) so this is a great reminder to put my phone away and just talk.

  2. I love road trips! Normally, it’s usually out on weekends, same places, but I am always looking for new places to explore. I love to be the passenger, as it allows me to enjoy the scenery more (Lord, don’t let me be driving and looking around at the same time!)

  3. Road trips are the best. When my kids were small, we went somewhere every weekend. Now, they take their kids on road trips on the weekends and I take them when they are here. It’s a great time to connect and we have great conversation between us and others we meet along the way.

  4. I love a good road trip. My kids and I just got back from a road trip to Charleston, SC. We listened to music, chatted and the kids enjoyed making up stories based on the different license plates they saw.

  5. Road trips are a great way to bond with your family and/or friends. I will be taking a few road trips later on this year and I can’t wait for all of the experiences.

  6. I love road trips and haven’t done one in a while. I had one planned for this Memorial Day with the kids but had to cancel it because my check engine light just came on. As soon as I figure out what’s going on I’m going to be doing this.

  7. I love road trips, I for sure don’t get to take them enough but think it would be great to do especially with my hubby!

  8. We enjoy taking road trips on the weekends. It’s great to travel to places that are not too far away and discover beautiful places! Great photo!

  9. Now this is something I have not done in so so long and something I think every couple should do. Going without the smartphones. I love the idea of using a drone. Thanks for sharing your experience and your gorgeous photos.

  10. I too would love going to road trips with my best friend. However, the price hike of gasoline in the country is a big hindrance to our plans. If only the fuel is much affordable, we could have already gone to many places and may have met new friends already.

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