That Road Trip that Led to Canada

That Road Trip that Led to Canada

Every other weekend is a kid-free weekend; it’s just how it goes in the world of co-parenting. I like to think that the break helps my kids and I maintain our bond, after all it’s healthy to get a little break from your kids here and there. On the kid-free weekends my man and I started a tradition, I believe it all started one weekend he came to visit me and we weren’t sure what to do, thinking we had a little bit of cash and wanted to get out of the house, so we just got in the car and took off. Ever since that day we have been keeping our routine of kid-free weekend road trips and it’s been such a blast!

That Road Trip that Led to Canada

While sometimes it’s difficult to pull myself away from work, we made an agreement to do this road trip when the kids are away as a means to get a change of scenery, reconnect and rejuvenate as a couple beyond household duties and other stuff we have going on in life. It’s been one of the best parts of our relationship and really helps to solidify how close I feel to him.

This one weekend we hopped in the van and just took off, while I have no clue if we had this destination in mind or not, we ended up at the Canadian border. Driving along some road in Vermont we just kept going, that’s the awesome thing about our road trips, time doesn’t exist. We have been home at all hours of the night before and it’s just a freaking blast! As we neared Canada on the interstate I started getting all nervous thinking if we kept on we would end up being forced into Canada, my anxiety started to kick up.

Thankfully he pulled of the nearest exit so we could venture towards Canada on a side road, after all our entire mission was to just get to the border and take a photo, not actually enter into Canada. Then it happened, we got so close that we could have walked over the border, it was right there. I believe we were in Derby, VT but don’t quote me on it. Sadly we didn’t get many photos, I was semi-nervous with all the board patrol trucks around. I feared they would think we were going to jump off the bridge or were people trying to sneak across the border. I swear, sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me.

While we don’t have tons of pictures to share from this particular road trip, we will forever have the memories of that night and to this day it always makes me smile!

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  1. It’s so odd that you can just go over the border easily in most Canadian places, but if you want to drive a main road, expect to spend a while showing your passport!

  2. We live close to the border and I am often afraid I will miss a turn and screw up. I would love to visit Canada but not by accident!

  3. I love to go on random road trips with no destination. These are always the most memorable trips.

  4. I love going on trips like this. Just head out not really knowing where you’re going. Those are some of the best road trips.

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