{Rambling on Relationships} Love for What you Two Are, Not Who Someone Else Was

{Rambling on Relationships} Love for What you Two Are, Not Who Someone Else Was

You have found the love of your life, whether you have been married for years or new into this relationship scene, it’s just the feeling of pure connection that places no doubt upon you that this is the person for you. This is an exciting time, but it also opens the doors to allowing you to be vulnerable, love really is a vulnerable emotion, because it can hurt deeply when that love is destroyed due to deceit.

{Rambling on Relationships} Love for What you Two Are, Not Who Someone Else Was

The key to fully loving your relationship and keeping your in-love feeling is to continue to show love to your partner through actions, every time you exhibit a loving action to your partner it encourages the love to be returned tenfold. It’s just how the world works – a balance so to speak. Evil balances good and kindness begot kindness; don’t believe me? Give it a try, do something that shouts you love your partner every day for a week, then watch as your love grows tremendously because you will be encouraging your partner to show you love in return without begging for it.

Every relationship will come with some baggage, our brains are just like computers with cached responses based on prior experiences, no matter how much a person may be over their past, it can still trigger up a response here and there. Our brains are just simple mechanisms who want to find the quickest response to a situation, and that is one of our wonderful imperfections as a human being. What you need to do in order to keep your soul mate is to learn to let go … let go of that response your brain triggers right away. Step back from the situation, breath and think with your logical brain.

When you are able to step back and start looking at your soul-mate relationship in a realistic and logical way, you will only reap major benefits because your partner will love you more for being confident in the connection you hold. What most people don’t realize is that the more you mistrust or latch out based on prior experiences, the more you set your relationship up for failure.

If you have found the one for you, that person that simply compliments your life in so many ways that it eases your mind and allows you to fully be who you are to your core, then let go of those past experiences and give your relationship an honest chance … love your partner for what you two have together, not what others have done to damage your heart in the past.

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  1. I love this. I think when people find that one special person, it is like a new beginning and a clean slate to love again.

  2. This is really great! I’ll never forget meeting my now husband after such a hard break up before hand from my high school love. Letting go of the past then was easy, and has been amazing since!

  3. This is such a great post. I have been married for 20 years and it is easy to fall into the same old rut. I will have to surprise my husband with something special.

  4. It can be hard to let go of the past. However, it is so important to be able to move on and not let being hurt keep you from loving someone the way they deserve to be loved, if they are the one for you!

  5. What a great post. I think at times we easily fall take people for granted or put our needs ahead of others and it can hurt relationship. I love the book The Love Dare and the movie based on it. Great for all kinds of relationships

  6. My husband and i, we have a wonderful relationship. We both work hard together and when a problem arrises, we work hard to fix the issue. I think communication is the #1 thing needed in a relationship.

  7. It is hard not to carry baggage from a previous relationship with you. It is important to learn how to let it go and start over. I try to live each day like it is a new fresh start.

  8. There’s an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted is attempting to find something without baggage, only to realize he’s got his own. We all come with experiences, both happy and sad. It’s important to remember those are what got you to this point, to each other.

  9. Realism does have a definite place in long-term relationships, that’s for sure. Takes awhile to realize that though, usually. 😉

  10. Yes, actions do speak louder than words most times. I love helping my husband out whenever I can.

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