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29 thoughts on “Get Your Labels for Summer Camp from Mabel’s Labels With this Giveaway”

  1. I order from Mabel’s all the time. I need to label everything that goes out of the house with my boys otherwise I wouldn’t get most of it back.

  2. These labels were awesome for us during the school year. I can definitely see how they would be helpful at camp too

  3. I just realized I need to order more labels! My twins head to day camp next week and if we don’t label everything, we end up with a lot of stuff missing! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  4. We love this company. I label everything. I think I’m an over labeler sometimes. Probably because my kids tend to misplace things ha!

  5. Labeling everything for summer camp is so important, especially if you want to keep a hold of your stuff! Mabels Labels do look like they have super cute designs!

  6. I went to church camp as a kid. I loved it for the most part. The one bad experience I remember was the year they decided to show us what it was like to be a Christian in Russia(mind you, this was during the cold war). Not appropriate for a bunch of elementary kids as it scared all of us. Surprised I ever went back to that camp.

  7. These labels are great. I have to label all of my girls belongings, otherwise it’d never come home.

  8. I remember the old times when I go to a summer camp, so much fun there! Good thing there is a label like this.

  9. I don’t remember going to summer camp as a child. I’m in my 60’s so that was a long time ago! Summer camp away sounds really fun though!

  10. Every time I clean my cast iron pans, I remember using sand to scrub out cast iron at the “cabin in the woods” day at camp.Hey, it worked!

  11. The year I was 10 I went to summer camp. I was so homesick but in the end loved it as I learned how to ride a horse and swim.

  12. I went to summer camp I think when I was 12/13. I absolutely hated it for the first few days. I was so shy, and it was hard for me to make friends because of it.. But after I warmed up I had soo much fun I didn’t wanna go home.. IM A SUSCRIBER and I’m a Mabels fan!!

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