How to Make your Own Hawaiian Leis Craft

How to Make Hawaiian Leis

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Back in October 2012 my daughter and I made Hawaiian Leis for her birthday party, she is now a teenager and pretty sure this won’t swing in my home for her, but maybe it will be the perfect birthday craft idea for your Hawaiian themed party. If you are not interested in making your own, you can purchase pre-made Hawaiian Leis on for your party!

How to Make Hawaiian Leis

We basically did this craft on a whim, after discussing the Hawaiian theme idea for her birthday party, we knew that the supplies necessary were low cost and it would be a fun time to bond as Mama and daughter.

Supplies Needed:

How to Make Hawaiian Leis

How to Make your Own Hawaiian Leis

  • Measure out your thread, double up on it for extra support on the tissue paper. Measurement should be long enough for a child to wear the Hawaiian Leis around their neck comfortably.
  • Fold or Cut your Tissue Paper into about 2″ thick strips.
  • Sewing should be done at about 1/4 threading, pull the thread threw completely, while you bunch the tissue paper up to appear like flowers.
  • Continue doing this process for each Hawaiian Leis until you have enough for all of your guests.

Get creative and add beads in between each flowered up bunch in your Hawaiian Leis to make the leis appear more festive. Here are some other ideas for supplies to get for your Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party:

After you have everything ready, sit back and simply enjoy the memories made at this Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party!

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  1. What a fun idea! I never thought of making our own leis, but I bet my kids would enjoy it! This would also be fun for a Hawaiian themed day during the summer when the kids are home from school!

  2. I need to get good at creating my leis, as Hawaii is a destination on my bucket list! These are also great for luau parties which we love so much!

  3. I always appreciate another fun-to-make craft that kids will enjoy making, as well. The pictures of the Hawaiian leis show how nice they look after they’re completed.

  4. This would be fun to do for a themed lunch. My kids would love it. We will have to get some straw skirts.

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