I Made a Decision …

I made a Decision to Work From Home

February 17th I made a decision, I went back to working full time from home. I was armed with maybe one client on the table and the possibility of more. As I reviewed the loss in business income from the shift to a full time and then part time position at a local office, I realized I lost nearly 15K in revenue from a business I had worked hard to build. Was the loss worth what I was gaining from having an employee type position? Was I truly living my own dream of success, happiness and fulfillment? No. I was not. I started to watch my health disintegrate, my demeanor went downhill, I wasn’t fun to be around and I started to just want to sleep often. It felt as if depression was kicking in.

What could I do about this feeling?

You see I am someone who makes decisions based on what I feel is going to have a positive end result, sure the in between is scary. Think about it: I live as a single mom with three kids. Leaving a job that had a steady biweekly paycheck to run back into the world of working from home, a world that has inconsistent pay structures and no social interaction in person with people, scared the crap out of me. I was allowing fear to keep me moving in a direction where I was just another employee working for a larger firm. I knew I had more in me than just that, while the steady income was great, I kept having that loss of 15K flowing in my mind.

I made a Decision to Work From Home

I was blown away that my job was not replacing the business income, it was giving me a place to be social and practice my customer service skills as well as other office skills and for about a year that was sufficient. I felt fantastic, but as time marched on and the business loss increased, I knew that I couldn’t allow my dreams of being a freelance writer and work at home professional go to the way side.

Working from home is my passion, I started it as a means to be there for my kids without losing money. When working as an employee, not only was I losing money from my business but I was losing money whenever I took time to go see the kids in a concert or attend a field trip; those were not paid off hours.

Losing money was all that kept happening, while I struggled to make rent payments and keep food in my home, I was working 30-40 hours per week most times and it was killing me. The end result was that I became more poor working as an employee than I did struggling with a work from home income. That wasn’t okay. I decided it was time to live my own dream, to come back home full time with arms swinging. I was ready to get out there and bring back old clients, have new ones come into my world and take this work from home position further than I ever had. I was ready to be the success story I wanted to be, to be the example to my children that you can juggle it all efficiently and be happy doing it.

And I did it. I came home, got to work and haven’t looked back. I am now looking at working less hours while making a consistent income that is more than double what my employee paycheck was, and there is still more hours in the day to increase that income!

I live to be an example. Whatever you gain from me sharing my stories doesn’t matter, it’s all about the hope that my risky business of leaving a steady job to come home and be a successful entrepreneur leads another person to have the thought put in their head, “I can do this too”.

If all you walk away from this post is a mission to live your own dreams and create your own success story then my sharing this personal information is worth every key stroke I took to write it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I wasn’t able to stay home with my kids when they were younger and regret it to this day. As you said, if one person learns from your story, it’s so worth it! 🙂

  2. This is an inspiring story indeed and I love that you made your own choice to be happy. Life is to short not to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I love that you didn’t look back. You just kept moving forward and you made it, even better than before!

  4. Well done you! Everyday I want to walk away from a well-paying job too, to focus on what I really love to do but everyday I don’t do it because I’m afraid. You’re an inspiration!

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