5 Ways to Live Without Fear

5 Ways to Live Without Fear

Many people in society are suffering from anxiety, whether it be a high level of clinical anxiety or just your average short term case of anxiety, it happens to the best of us. Anxiety is really an overwhelming, unrealistic fear or someone, something or a particular situation that we can’t seem shake off. Today we will discuss 5 ways to live without fear as a means to keep that emotion in check so you may live a happier life.

5 Ways to Live Without Fear

  • Stay Focused on The Good – learn to redirect your thought patterns back to something good within your life, it can be the smallest thought, but it has to be a good thought. End each day with a little notebook beside your bed where you write down a few things that you feel are good in your life.
  • Let go of Anxiety – part of fear is anxiety, nothing will ramp up your sense of fear worse than overthinking about an anxiety attack. Stop letting the fear of anxiety keep you down, remember that you are in control, that you can handle anything thrown at you and you will win this battle of fear. Stay focused on success, not on the possibility of an anxiety attack.
  • Focus on The Present – fear stems from us thinking too much about our future rather than focusing on the moment we are currently in. Let go of everything, focus on the present moment whether it be your breathing, an item in the room or the music playing; focus on something in the present moment and fixate on it until fear passes.
  • Do Not Play Victim – anxiety and fear can cause us to seclude ourselves at home, feeling as if we are the victim of our own life. Stop doing that! When you feel an irrational level of fear coming, call a friend and get out of our house quickly to ward off fear taking over your mind and causing you to feel as if you are the victim of your own emotions.
  • Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits – lack of sleep can wreak havoc upon our minds and bodies, it seems the more overtired you are the higher chance of fear and anxiety you have. Learn to relax your mind an hour before bedtime and go to sleep at the same time every night to get a full nights rest.

Fear is a natural part of human nature, we all suffer from it at one time or another, but the key to living a fulfilled life is to enjoy each day to the fullest. If you find yourself being overwhelmed with ridiculous levels of fear, then try some of the tips listed in this article as a means to push forward and knock fear on its butt!


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  1. These are really great ideas. I used to suffer from anxiety a lot after I’d experienced a fire in college. There was a breathing trick that used to really help me relax and stop being anxious. It’s about recognizing that it’s just a feeling and tackling it head on!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I have suffered from anxiety before and I really think that focusing on the positive, instead of all the things that are wrong, has been so helpful.

  3. This is helpful to me. I deal with anxiety often and it can be so hard to let go of. Focusing on the good is a great tool for me when I am struggling.

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