5 Surprising Ways to use Potatoes


Potatoes are a yummy treat full of potassium, protein, vitamin C and carbohydrates but what are some other uses for potatoes? If you have your own home garden with potatoes planted, then you probably have a large supply of potatoes on hand and want to know what you can do with these potatoes beyond just making mashed potatoes with dinner.


  • Use Potatoes to Polish Silver – boil a few potatoes in water on your stovetop, just as you would when preparing to make mashed potatoes. Once boiled, remove the potatoes and turn off the water, then set your silver in the remaining water for about an hour. No more tarnished silver!
  • Cure Puffy Eyes – slice open a few raw potatoes, lay down and place one slice of raw potato on each eye for approximately ten minutes and see those puffy eyes disappear. This is great after a long night out with friends!
  • Create Decorate Stamps – cut a raw potato in half, carve a little design into it then use it as you would a regular rubber stamp for creative are projects. This is a fun way to have a little fun with your kids or in a pre-school setting.
  • Fight Acne – cut open a raw potato and use the juice from the potato to place on your skin daily as a natural acne treatment. This is also a great way to help heal sunburn in the Summer time.
  • Make a Compress – since potatoes retain heat very well, you can boil up a potato and wrap in a towel for a warm compress to relieve achy muscles after a hard workout.
  • Absorb Extra Salt from Soup – potatoes can absorb that extra salt you accidently put into a homemade soup, cut a raw potato into squares, place in the soup for 10 minutes then remove. The extra salt will have been absorbed by the potato, leaving you with yummy soup!
  • Darken Your Hair – peel a large potato and boil the peelings in a pan on your stovetop. Once these are brought to a boil, remove the potato peels, use the water to rinse shampoo from your hair instead of shower water to naturally darken your hair without hair dye.
  • Stop Itchy Bug Bites – slice a raw potato up and place on those itchy bug bites to alleviate the itchiness and soreness that comes with those Summer season bug bites.

As a child there may have been many creative uses for a potato during art class, but now that you are an adult you can see how potatoes really benefit your world. From removing tarnish off silverware to being a warm compress to relieve achy muscles, potatoes certainly have many surprising uses that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

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  1. Wow… learned a lot of new things. Had no idea about the darken hair thing or the stop bug bites from itching. Fun new tips!

  2. Get out! Potatoes will darken your hair?? That is great to know, and something I would have never though of! Potatoes are so delicious and useful!

  3. We love potatoes so we always have them in the house. I have used them for absorbing salt. But I had no idea of the other ones.

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