Work From Home … What You Miss Out On

Work From Home … What You Miss Out On

Working from home is a reality for many people in the online community I’ve grown to call my friends, but one of the sad realities of working from home is that you miss out on a few things that you gain when having an outside of the home job.

Working from home requires a high level of dedication, focus and some strong skin that allows you to say no and be okay with hearing no from time to time. Not every opportunity will knock on your door and not every opportunity that knocks on your door will be paying at a level you consider valuable. Learning to develop new coping skills to handling the work from home scene is necessary in order for your work at home venture to be successful.

Work From Home … What You Miss Out On

One of the biggest things that you miss out on when working from home is the face-to-face social interaction with like-minded people. Juggling demands of your children, household and partner if you have one, creates this everlasting position of giving and giving. Eventually working from home turns into this situation where you love the money but miss that time conversing with people who will engage in an educational conversation and have thoughts or opinions similar to yours.

Take me for example, I long to talk about local news with people who have similar views as I do, that’s something that I miss out on when working from home. I also enjoy nonchalant conversations where people laugh with me at jokes that they understand as much as I do. That social interaction that only comes from getting outside of the home, with two weeks in a row of nothing but work and children, it weighs heavy on my soul. There is hope, there are ways to work around all that you miss out on when working from home and I am going to share with you some tips to help you be successful in your work from venture while still feeling like an active part of society …

  • Work from a Local Café – if you are starting to feel like that social interaction is missing, don’t let it get you down, grab the laptop and work from a local café that offers free WiFi.
  • Use your Resources – if you have people willing to help hang with the kiddos, keep them happy and entertained, then learn to say yes to them more often.
  • Get a Part Time Job – if you are seriously craving social hour, then take on a part time job simply meant to allow you to gain some outside conversations while making extra cash.
  • Go on Weekend Adventures – break up the feelings of all you do is work online by going on weekend adventures so that you don’t get stuck in that draining workaholic mode.
  • Get over It – if all else fails stop thinking about what you are missing out on and focus on what you have gained by working from home.

There are so many things one gains when working from home, such as a sense of self-pride, boosted self-confidence, more freedom to pursue their dreams and the ability to attend all family events. While working from home can certainly get you into a slump, learn to take a break when in a slump and soon you will be flying forward never questioning why you work from home again.

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  1. I’m in the middle of learning how to manage everyone else’s wants and needs with me still getting work done. This came at a great time and I will utilize my resources more. Thanks

    1. That’s a great idea! I work from home with my boyfriend and while we don’t reside together (yet) … we make sure to take time for lunch dates and such to break up our weeks or days!

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