Vacant Hallways: Empty Mansions of the Famous and Powerful

Vacant Hallways Empty Mansions of the Famous and Powerful

Seems crazy, doesn’t it?

Empty homes with no one even thinking of living in them. Why own a house if it’s going to sit empty? Well, some people do it. In fact, these mansions belong to some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world, and they remain vacant. Here’s why and what’s being done about it.

Vacant Hallways Empty Mansions of the Famous and Powerful

Monticello Replica

The replica of Thomas Jefferson’s home, worth an estimated $6.5 million sits empty. Of course, you can go to virginia and pay $20 for the tour. But, if you’re uber-rich, why not just buy it? Then, you don’t have to settle for guided tours and velvet ropes. Friendly’s Ice Cream co-founder Prestley Blake spent a reported $7.5 million to build this one in Somers Connecticut, but he only used it once to throw a massive party for his 100th birthday.

It’s the kind of property any realtor would love to show, even if it’s not technically historic. And, if you do happen to be super-rich, you can read Jayne and Moss online to learn more about how estates like these are sold.
You can’t just walk in off the street and plunk down cash. There’s a process. The owner of this particular mansion is very picky and reviews every application, for example.

New York State Executive Mansion

The governor’s mansion, located in Albany, NY, is abandoned. The house has hosted 31 of the state’s executives, including the late Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. Teddy added a gymnasium and Franklin installed a swimming pool.

The mansion’s last full-time resident was Gov. Mario Cuomo in 1994. Everyone since then has chosen to live elsewhere.

The Royal Apartment

This apartment, valued at more than $48 million isn’t quite a palace, but it’s owned by a Saudi prince who has never actually lived here. It’s located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. At just 10,500 square feet, it’s small for a prince.

Created by merging 6 separate units on three floors, the triplex has four bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms. Most of the rooms have a spectacular view of the Hudson River. If you lived here, you’d be bathed in luxury, as the home contains its own massage and treatment room, a steam room, and a pedicure bath. There’s also a huge saltwater aquarium, a sushi bar, a chef’s kitchen, and a vented cigar room.

And, if you’re worried about security, don’t be. The place has three panic rooms.

Stone Mansion

This 30,000 square foot home is situated on a 6 acre lot in Alpine New Jersey. It’s empty though. The owner and his wife don’t like it because they prefer warmer climates. Inside the mansion are 11 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a movie theater, and a sports bar. There’s also a grand ballroom that’s trimmed in 18-karat gold. Oh, and let’s not forget the basketball court.

Security is a top priority here too, despite the fact that no one actually lives here. There are two foot thick walls and 29 cameras that are remotely monitored. A walk-in vault holds the owner’s valuables and a wine cellar is locked using biometric security.

The tax bill alone would kill most people – $300,000 a year. The home, worth a reported $46 million, isn’t for sale, however. Even if it was, you’d have to convince the owner to give it up for a hefty premium. Obviously, this is a case where only the super-rich need apply.


This home, which listed for $65 million, originally sold for just $46 million. It’s been sitting empty though for a while. Fascinating, since it contains 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and a large pool. The home’s owner put it up for sale before moving in and the listing agent was told not to reveal the owner’s identity.

A remake of the original 1930s home that sat on the same lot, this home is much larger than the original. Lined with 22-karat gold hardware in the bathrooms, it’s also better appointed.

It also contains a secret panic room. CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” profiled this home, and shot video on every floor but never found any sign of a secret room, so it’s well-hidden.

No one seems to know what to make of the property now, or the owner. Since his or her identity isn’t known, we can’t really speculate on whether they will move in or continue to list it for sale. What is known is that it’s a foreign millionaire.

Courtney Castro is studying to become an architect. In the name of research she enjoys reading about celeb homes and coming up with outlandish designs!

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