Will Your Relationship Last

Will Your Relationship Last

Love is one of the most emotions studied yet least likely to be understood, psychology doesn’t have the answers to what becomes of us when we are in that state of utter love. We probably can all agree that the feeling of love, that first kiss, hug and snuggle with someone, is the best feeling in the world. When one falls in love and stays in love they are healthier, happier and generally just more fun to be around as opposed to someone who is scorn from love. Just what is it about love and relationships that make someone ask that question of marriage upon another, what is it that forms the bond that creates a relationship that lasts ages?

Will Your Relationship Last

There are many arguments on what signs are there to let you know that your relationship will last but my opinion is that the biggest factor is trust. The ability to never feel as if that person is keeping something from you or being shady, now there may be times where environment or health conditions make you question all that you live for, I am discussing the ability to trust wholeheartedly that you both have the same end goal for your relationship to be long term. When you feel as if your partner tells you everything and there are no secrets or ulterior motives, trust is built and maintained. Sadly, without trust or even one mishap of the trust being damaged, your relationship may not last as long as you had hoped for.

The next sign that your relationship will last is that you both think of each other when out of the home, let’s say you are grocery shopping and you always pick up that certain something you know your partner loves. Maybe it’s one of their daily needs such as a particular beverage or something that you know they would appreciate you grabbing for them. If you have the ability to think of your partner in ways that allow you to have random acts of kindness such as picking up something they may need, this is another sign that your relationship is built to last.

The feeling of happiness, again this has to be an overall feeling, remembering that it is not up to your relationship to make you happy, but if you consistently feel good about yourself and happy within your relationship then it is built to last. There will be tough times, there will be quarrels, so as long as you never feel as if you can’t win any conversations, meaning your emotions are not actually being held as valid then you won’t’ last. If you are with a partner who accepts your feelings rather than turning it around to debate how they feel you are wrong in thinking or seeing the situation as you saw it, then you will forever feel as if you are let down. A long lasting relationship shouldn’t bring about feelings that leave you crying in the bathroom more often than not to hide away those emotions that will only lead down a path of arguments or you feeling less self-confident.

A long lasting relationship is one in which you can see yourself growing in, both as a united front and as an individual, if you are constantly in this awe feeling of your partner and feel as if you are on top of the world then your relationship is going to last. One tip to ensure you stay in a long lasting relationship is to simply be honest with yourself and your partner, if you ultimately feel as if there  is less good than bad happening, then open up dialogue and see if the end result is two people working together or two people going on their separate lives.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever, some are meant to come into our lives to teach us a lesson we needed to learn as a means to go onto our next chapter.  May the relationship you are in be the one that lasts for ages.

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  1. I have to admit my other half always thinks of me when he’s doing something – he’ll often come home and say oh I got you this or I saw this and I think you’d like it so I took a picture to show you. x

  2. This is great post. I have been married almost 21 years and my husband still likes to surprise me with little things. Sometimes it is just picking up my favorite candy bar when he stops for gas.

  3. These are great things to think about in relationships. After reading it, I’m confident in how solid my relationship is and I think that’s because it’s built on trust.

  4. This is great. Relationships can be so tough, and so rewarding at the same time. I guess you don’t really ever know. I’d like to think since mine is over 10 years old that it will last. We are pretty solid and committed.

  5. That feeling of “shady” like you said is so perfect (awful perfect) you hit the nail on the head. I trust my husband and any time I do not, I call him out on it. Vice versa. But I have friendships that have fallen apart over trust issues.


  6. I always think of my husband when I’m out and about – and I know he thinks of me even though he has very different ways of showing it. 16 years and three children and we’re still happy 🙂

  7. I view my first marriage as a lesson to be learned. It helped me be a better wife in my second marriage and we are going on 11 years together now. So far so good! They say once you pass the first 7 years, (the hardest years) the better inclined you are at being lifers.

  8. Am still in the dating stage! and it is not easy! at times a little frustrating because, you meet someone and thing oh yes this is something that i can see lasting. then a month later, bam! single!

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