Goals. Happiness. Empathy.

Goals Happiness Empathy for a Positive Home Environment

The constant pull of this way then that way can often lead someone to a point of just wanting to coil up into a fetal position and sleep for days on end, this onset of a depressed like state is something that can easily appear for any human being. The ever demanding life we lead, the responsibilities of adulthood, relationship issues, parenting issues, children needing you, employers or clients needing you; the list can go on and on with the demands we have placed upon us in life. It is no wonder so many get overwhelmed and start pulling away from society.

Life is hard; there is no other way around it. If life were easy then what would the fun be?

You see, within every challenge life tosses at you lies a wonderful side, each challenge allows you to make a continual choice to grow or not to grow. The choice to coil up into a fetal position and allow the world to consume your mind, leaving you in a depressed state of mind is something you can select.  I’d rather choose to rise up, pull myself away from that feeling and exhaust all energy within my being to find something to learn from and grow from when issues arise. For me, my trouble area has always been learning to juggle relationships, work-at-home and motherhood; because I have the desire to make others happy.

Goals Happiness Empathy for a Positive Home Environment

Sometimes I have difficulties in stepping back to put myself first, then other times I do it in an arrogant way where I have my nose up in the air and I will demand my needs are met. Neither of those options works towards a solid internal state of happiness. If I have the desire to make others happy through means of inspiration, example and words, then arrogance will not begot happiness. As I work to develop personal growth in the area of juggling the three major areas of my life, I found that a few key things matter when working to remain whole while still having a positive home environment:

  • Goals – in order to maintain a positive home environment you must have goals for yourself, for your relationship and for your family. Goals help us to feel as if we are working towards something that matters both as a team and as an individual. Discuss where you are at with these goals on a regular basis both with your children and your partner.
  • Happiness – if you are seeking to have a positive home environment then you must be the example, find your own true inner happiness. Make sure you are taking a time-out when necessary so that you can recoup and unwind to come back to those you love with a whole new perspective on the situation.
  • Empathy – the ability to step back and understand as well as feel other people’s opinions and feelings regarding a situation. Having a home with empathy being one of the three key things allows for better communication which in turn leads to a positive home environment. Learning that you don’t have to agree at all times, but you can understand each other.

Sometimes I have to write articles like this to remind myself of what matters most to me, what are my own goals within the four walls I call home. What is it that I want from my parenthood and relationship journey? What are some ways I feel complete? I literally think about my own needs alongside others on a regular basis, because for me, the choice to come back home and be a full time Virtual Assistant was part of returning to a path of utter happiness.

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  1. I was just talking about this with my bff this week… You attract what you put out there. Things may not always be great, but I still try to be positive and happy because I want to attract that to me. I choose happiness over doom and gloom (not to say that is always easy to do, though). I am only human, but the majority of the time, I choose to be happy/positive. 🙂 Great post, Brandy!

  2. I think women forget to be selfish sometimes because of our nurturing qualities. Especially moms – yes take care of kids but hey you still have to live and having goals to achieve your happiness so you can continue to have sincere empathy will be the best way to be a superior woman!

  3. They say if you find work you love, you don’t really work a day of your life. I’m glad you’re happy working again from home. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this, I really needed to read this. My family has goals and we stick to them, but when I set a goal I tend to put it aside but I need to start following through.

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