Fun Ways to Entertain Kids During School Breaks

Fun Ways to Entertain Kids During School Breaks

School breaks for holidays and summer often mean scrambling to find something to keep them busy and out of trouble. By planning ahead, you can line up some great activities that you and your kids will enjoy. Here are three fun ways to entertain your kids while they’re home during school breaks.

Fun Ways to Entertain Kids During School Breaks

Nature Walks

Combining learning and fun is ideal during school breaks, and going on nature walks will allow you to do both. Head to the park, trek around the neighborhood, or even explore your backyard. Talk about the things you see, encourage your children to ask questions, and stop to think about the textures, colors, and shapes of the objects around you. If your children are old enough, bring along some paper and pencils or crayons to draw nature scenes or write a journal about your walk. Nature walks are ideal for kids who enjoy being outside, and it’s also a budget friendly activity.

Playing Grounds

It’s a good idea to take your kids places during school breaks so they won’t get bored being at home. Playing grounds are a nice option, especially for children who love games and bounce houses. Kazoom Cafe Playing Ground in Montreal is an example of a centre amusement int rieur pour enfants. Your children will be able to run, play, burn off energy, and socialize with other kids in a safe environment while you’ll get to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a novel you’ve been wanting to read.

Movie Time

Most children like watching movies, and adding a few special touches to their screen time will create an opportunity to bond with your entire family. Select one or two films that your kids want to see — you can use movies that you already own — and then plan a menu of snacks. Place comfortable blankets and pillows in your family room, draw or print faux movie tickets to pass out, and invite your children to meet you at a specific time for the show. If your children have friends in the neighborhood, you can even invite them over and turn movie time into a small party.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your children entertained during school breaks and enjoy more quality time together.

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  1. We used to live on 50 acres in the southern Black Hills. My son would go outside every day and stay out until sundown. He loved (and still does at 30) spending time hiking and rock hunting.

  2. We slow down a lot during summer and school breaks. It makes me so happy! I know they’d get a kick out of going on nature walks & collecting “treasure.”

  3. These are all such great suggestions. With summer coming up, I’m looking for ways to keep the kids entertained and this gives me some great places to start!

    1. We’ve discovered that if we get to the park before 10, we have it all to ourselves. Not that we’re anti-social, but it’s nice to have some unlimited time on the swings.

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