Why Working From Home Works for Me

why working from home works for me

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I had a fantastic office job, went from part time admin assistant to full time assistant account manager, I was grateful for the experiences and loved working my way up to full time. Then it hit me, working a 9-5 type job was a bit much with the routine driven child I have who is high functioning autistic, a hyper younger boy and an older child who just became a teen. Life started to feel a bit overwhelming and so I was honest, I had to go part time. Between the costs of after-school care to the issues with schedule conflicts due to the routine driven household I run, that full time position was giving me mixed emotions; that feeling of being accomplished while my parental role felt as if it were lacking. After evaluating myself as a person and parent, I went to my then boss to request that I go part time again. I felt bad, but I knew I had to be honest with myself and my employer as a means to continue on my happy path in life.

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why working from home works for me

Being a parent has always been vitally important to me, I will often be found saying Motherhood is the only job I feel as if I can do right, well in reality is the biggest job that brings me satisfaction and makes me feel appreciated; yes even when the kids tell me I am a mean Mama. I love raising kids and watching as they grow into their own little human beings. I enjoy what motherhood brings, the good, the bad and the mediocre but working full time outside of the home made that part of my world suffer. Thankfully I was okayed to go part time, and keep the assistant account manager title. I felt good with that decision. In time I started to see a change in the office environment, I was no longer feeling appreciated, valued and part of the team as I had been for the first year.

Slowly the environment started to suffocate me and health conditions made me sick, at no fault of my coworkers really, they are good people. Calling out of work because of health problems made me feel anxious, I enjoy being a reliable employee, mother and partner in life. This was sucking the happy out of me and I started to sink into a downward spiral. I had to, once again, make a decision. What was it that I needed to do so that I could get back on being a reliable person that wasn’t full of anxiety? I had to come back home to work full time as a virtual assistant and freelance writer – that is my happy

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Why working from home works for me?

  • Ability to have a flexible schedule and still make income to support three children. When times get hard, health starts to wither and kids need to have more appointments, I never have to feel that anxious feeling that comes with calling out of work and I can adjust my work from home schedule to appease my current scenario.
  • Satisfaction in Being in Charge and become financially independent from employers and big corporations. While I have had great experiences working in the corporate world, many wonderful people out there in the offices I have worked in, being home and making my own rules, keeps me growing, getting stronger and in turn having that self-confidence that I can do anything because I am making it financially on my own while still raising three kids happily.
  • Ability to Switch Up tasks and do whatever my little heart desires. Working from home means that I can be an virtual admin person one day and a social media manager the next day. In between those tasks I also have picked up writing content for bloggers, which really helps boost me because I get the feedback from my community of bloggy friends saying that my content saved them time!
  • Make More Money in Less Time and this was the biggest boost for me to be okay with coming back to work full time from home. I can make in two days when I made in five days at the office, so as long as I am in the right mindset, self-motivated and focused which is easy to do as I have alleviated the extra stress and anxiety that came from juggling more than I could handle.

Overall working from home works for me because I do have three children who are only getting older as each day passes, from health issues to just everyday parental needs, raising three kids and working from home just suits the needs in my life at this time. I will always miss working in an office, and am grateful for the experiences I had there, but going into my second week working from home full time has shown me this was the best decision I have made. Eventually I will miss that social interaction, but that’s what they make cafés with free WiFi for!

The reason I wrote this post was to share with you hope and inspiration to follow your own instincts & live your life in a way that makes you happiest! When you do that the end result will be something very positive for you and your family!

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  1. I completely get it and I am so happy for you that you found a way to make working from home work for you <3

  2. I loved working from home when the kids were growing up. It was great for me to be able to be so involved in their lives.

  3. Working from home works for me the best, as well. I’ve tried the clock punching thing, and I have to say that although I put in more hours working from home, I also find the time for family a lot more easily.

  4. I’m lucky that I have the flexibility to work one day from home in my job. I organize that day to my schedule and can get my work and taking care of the kids & house all done!

  5. I think working from home is a smart choice for people that choose it. Especially when you have small children.

  6. I love working from home too. Love the flexibility. Love being with the kids.
    THere are some drawbacks..for parents though. Like the “mom, you’re home all day, you can drive my friends” or “Hey Mary, can you watch my baby today, since you’re home anyway”. haha!

  7. I have been off work for 8 weeks due to surgery and in that time I’ve been able to focus 100% on my blog and other online work. It is really going to make going back to work difficult after I’ve had a taste of life at home. But right now I’m not able to give up my other job….but hopefully soon.

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