Why You Should Smile More

Why You Should Smile More

Life can be pretty tough. In fact, let’s be honest, sometimes it downright sucks. In between worrying about paying your electricity bill, saving for your kids’ college fund, aging parents, the Zikka virus, Donald Trump, and your car breaking down 30 minutes before an all-important meeting, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there’s very much to smile about. Well I’ve got news for you. Not only does smiling make you look more attractive and approachable, but it actually releases endorphins, making you feel happier, even when your world is imploding around you.

Be Healthier

Smiling makes you healthier. OK, OK, so not just smiling. You know, it would also be great if you slipped on your sneakers and got down to the gym from time to time, but it’s actually a fact that smiling boosts your immune system, which in turn, makes you healthier. Smiling with conviction that is. Not fake smiling; that does nobody any favors. A real, heartfelt smile, accompanied with laughter can often be the best medicine for any ailment.

Why You Should Smile More

Be More Confident

What do you need to make you feel confident? A new hair-do? A glass of champagne? A pair of Pedag insoles in your 4-inch platforms? Whatever it is, next time you have to give a speech, or socialize at a gathering you’ve been dreading, try smiling more instead.

Smiling creates trust and also helps you make a better first impression. It’s not always about the way you dress, or your well-researched opinions (sometimes that helps) but if you go through life without smiling, not only will you appear to be unhappy, but you also won’t be as memorable or likeable.

Increase Your Productivity

Several studies have shown that smiling in the workplace actually increases your productivity. While it may be hard to keep smiling while being handed 15 hours of extra work a week because a recently fired employee’s duties have just been “redistributed”; apparently smiling gives you more energy, so you can get through the extra workload faster.

If you’re not convinced, just remember that all the extra endorphins and chemicals you’re releasing are making you happier and boosting your immune system while you work.

Make a Happier World

Remember that old Louis Armstrong song, “When you’re smiling… the whole world smiles with you”? Who doesn’t love that song? The fact is smiling is contagious. And by the way, so is yawning. So would you rather make the whole room light up or go to sleep? Why not make a happier world for your own benefit and the benefit of those around you? Just slip on a pair of OOFOS, slap on a smile and go about on your way towards making a happier world.

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  1. People definitely LOOK much prettier, or more handsome, as well as friendlier and much more approachable when they display a nice smile as opposed to having a scowl on their face!

  2. I used to work as a receptionist, and people would always compliment me for smiling and being happy. They said, it made a huge difference in their day. Totally agree, people should deff smile more 🙂

  3. I love smiling and laughing so it would be easy for me to follow your tips. And when having a bad mood it’s enough to forse yourself to smile a little bit and you feel happier. And moreover ugly people when smiling and laughing look much more beautiful 🙂

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