Frugal Fun: Saving Money on Toy Shopping

Frugal Fun Saving Money on Toy Shopping

Kids love toys, so buying your favorite tyke a few tokens of affection is a fail-safe idea to please them.  However, you don’t want to drain your wallet in the process.  Kids love toys that involve make believe yet balancing your budget is a reality.  Here’s how to save money while you’re toy shopping.

Frugal Fun Saving Money on Toy Shopping

Find Garage Sales

Kids love new toys, but that doesn’t mean the tokens actually have to be brand new and just out of the box.  Find great deals at garage sales and cash in on the second-hand treasures of others.  Get in the habit of checking local listings and perusing garage sales for used toy treasures.

Ask Friends and Family Members

Rather than locate second-hand items at garage sales, inherit toys from friends and family members that have no more use for them.  It’s inevitable that kids grow up and grow out of playing with toys.  Some moms and dads keep old toys in the attic but perhaps they would rather see the toys inspire smiles rather than collect dust.

Use Coupons

In the age of the Internet, it’s pretty easy to escape retail prices.  Locate chances to save at a variety of sites like Paytm coupons.  Say goodbye to paying retail and hello to a number of coupons on a variety of toys and home goods.

Access Ebay and Craigslist

Ebay and Craigslist are popular sites where you can find a variety of goods.  Ebay allows you to make a bid on an item or pay for it outright.  Vendors on Craigslist are often open to negotiations.  You may be able to barter for other items to secure toys or make an offer lower than initially sought.  Alternatively, try and sell toys that your tyke no longer wants so you have a larger budget for the things they do like.

Wait for Sales

If a particular item seems pricey at first, ask a store clerk about upcoming sales.  You may have to wait a month or longer, but when the time comes, you can save on particular items.  Certain times of year, like after Thanksgiving and the days following the holiday season, may also bring blockbuster sales.

Share with Other Moms and Dads

Go halves on expensive toy items with other moms and dads and have the kids share items.  For one, you’ll save money.  Secondly, you’ll teach the children the importance of sharing, which is a lesson they can bring with them through life.

Shop Around

Whether you use an online search engine to compare prices or visit several stores, don’t be satisfied with the initial price.  For example, some vendors will undercut or match the price of competitors if you bring a lower price to their attention.  In other scenarios, you can use online comparison shopping search engines to locate the best online price.

Put the Kids to Work

Depending on their age, make your child work for an allowance.  Have them take out the trash, clean the home, or take care of family pets.  It will teach them the value of a dollar and afford you some extra time and energy to do other things.

Jessica Melton is a single Mom of two girls who wants to give her kids the best, but that means finding ways to stretch her cash. She shares her tips and tricks with others, mostly through blogging.

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  1. Garage Sales are always a fun way to discover new toys/things while saving a few bucks. I once bought a limited Limited comic book for $2 at a garage sale that was worth $50 on eBay!

  2. My kids do not take care of the toys they have so my husband and I stopped buying them. If they want something they have to save their own money. Now when we go to a store and they see a trinket they want, they know they have to pay us back when they get home.

  3. I have found so many great deals on Craiglist since we started using it. Toys can be really expensive so it is important to find the best deals possible.

  4. Toy shopping can sometimes kill us! Our kids don’t usually ask for much but if there’s a toy they really want, oh boy. I’d love to save on this over anything else! So this is wonderful.

  5. I love garage sales! It’s amazing what you can find and sometimes the items are brand new and still in the package! I love to coupon also

  6. My kids are very used to hearing “if/when it goes on sale” and they also know that I will shop around on the web before I pay full price for anything in the store. There are just too many deal sites and coupon sites out there not to take advantage.

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