I Feed off Other People’s Energy

i feed off other people's energy

Thinking about the simple term of peer pressure allows you to realize that it is possible to feed off other people’s energy. Take a moment back in time with me, to around the beginning of adolescence; you had a group of friends who molded you into some of what you are today. As days went on, your mindset started to navigate towards thinking like your peers, you started to feed off other people’s energy, that energy of your peers. This same theory of peer pressure during the days of adolescence holds true for you in adulthood. Every person in this world is affected by other people’s energy whether you realize it or not.

Today I am going to discuss how I feed off other people’s energy and what I do to ensure I am surrounded by the type of energy I want to feed off of. It was a long road, this working towards a positive mindset. I will be honest, I thank my first born child for this positive mindset journey I took about 13 years ago, because she was the first born child, the one who made me realize I wanted to be a better person, a happier person and the example I thought I should be for this new bundle of joy. After years of training my brain to naturally respond in an optimistic way, I started to realize how other people’s energy affected me and chose to let go of negative people.

No longer did I want to be around people who were making poor decision after poor decision and always being down in the dumps. I wanted to surround myself with positive energy, people who made mistakes but learned from them. I wanted to feed off other people’s energy that was going to help me grow as an individual, not dwindle downward into a place of negativity. The choice is always yours; you can wake up tomorrow and be a whole new person. I firmly believe that each person in this world wakes up grown with the ability to continue on growing in a negative way or continue on growing in a positive way. Like I said, the choice is always yours.

i feed off other people's energy

Make Decisions for Yourself

The first step during my path of learning that I feed off other people’s energy was to start making decisions for myself, sure the current group of “friends” didn’t understand the change in who I was nor did they get what I was doing, but I didn’t care. I started to get comments that I was arrogant and conceited, but I didn’t care. If these so-called friends of mine didn’t support my decision to start a positive journey for myself and my new child, well then forget them. And I did! I forgot all of those people who were choosing negative paths and moved onto greener pastures with positive, uplifting and supportive friends.

When I started making decisions for myself and really get a feel for what energy I wanted to feed off of, the type of people I surrounded myself with naturally started to be for the better. I gained confidence in my small world of friends and had a nice group of people I could count on to support me, even when they didn’t quite get the mission I was on.

Everyone Feeds off Other People’s Energy

Whether you realize it or not, we all feed off other people’s energy, and it isn’t the other person’s problem, it is our own problem that we need to fix. If you continue on a path of helping others so much that it drains you, all the while they continue down the same negative path, maybe it is time to rethink having this person in your life. This is the hard reality of learning that you feed off other people’s energy – learning to let go of toxic relationships and friendships.

Sometimes you will find that you have to distance yourself from family and that is the most difficult part of learning that you feed off other people’s energy – letting go of family. As I am a huge advocate for family, this was the most difficult part of learning that I feed off other people’s energy. We all have family members who continue down a toxic path in life and we yearn to be there for them in all ways possible because we love them and care for them. I get it. I have been that person, but eventually you will learn that those family members are not doing anything to change their own self, and if that is true, then there is nothing you can do to help them.

Learn to Let Go of Trying to Fix Others

Once you have learned that you feed off of other people’s energy you will start to realize that you have to let go of that human urge to fix others. I think most people naturally want to help others be better for their own self, but all you will do is continue draining your own energy when you are trying to fix someone who isn’t ready to fix their own self. That is just a hard truth of learning to surround yourself with the positive energy you desire – you cannot fix others, they can only fix themselves.

Reality is that once I learned that full blown circle of how to feed off the right energy of people and that I was highly susceptible to other people’s energy, my life changed for the better. I made a conscious effort to change my mindset to be optimistic, rather than pessimistic. No matter what life tossed at me, I continued to grow as a person because I made the choice to pick me over anyone else. I chose me and made decisions based on what I wanted for a positive change. I started to feed off other people’s energy in ways I never dreamed of.

I feed Off Other People’s Energy

Today marks nearly 13 years that I made that connection that I feed off other people’s energy, today is the anniversary of celebrating positive thinking for me. When I started my blog HappilyBlended.com, I wanted to find ways to share inspirational stories, experiences and tips on how others could change their life for the better and today I hope that you take some time to think about other people’s energy. Think about who surrounds you. Think about what you want to do tomorrow to be a more positive person. Think about your children, if you have any, and what you want them to grow up to be. Sure we can’t change others, and we can’t force our children to be something that they don’t want to be, but we sure as heck can make a conscious effort to teach them about feeding off other people’s energy and making good decisions based on who they want to be as a person.

I invite you to start learning more about yourself, think about what makes you tick, make decisions today for a better tomorrow!

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  1. This is a work in progress for me. I thought I was there in my mid-thirties but life often shows me that I still have work to do. Your tips are so helpful and remind me to carry on with intent and focus on being a good person and letting the toxic folks gladly go.

  2. Such good advice, preach sister! It is so hard to let go of long time friends who are unhealthy. It’s not as if they are bad people, but it just something that doesn’t mesh well with the way you want to live life. I’ve learned you can still love people without having them in your life on a daily basis.

  3. It’s probably super common for people to surround themselves with negative influences and people who drain them. It’s important to have positive influences.

  4. This is a fantastic post. I try to always be positive. If i am in a positive mood it will rub off on others.

  5. I’m struggling with some decisions lately. I have to figure out what’s best for me and stop worrying about what everyone else is going to think

  6. I try to keep my energy up regardless of what is going on around me. I have some very negative people in my life and I have never let them affect me and my dreams.

  7. I went to a place yesterday that seriously left me sapped of energy. Positivity is definitely a must have for me.

  8. It is good to surround yourself with people that make you happy and are positive. It helps you and others around you if you are comfortable and happy too.

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