Double The Fun: 4 Ideas for Fun Double Dates

Double The Fun: 4 Ideas for Fun Double Dates

While the need for the quiet, intimate, one-on-one date definitely has its purpose, double dating is still a fun and practical way to get out and enjoy the company of that significant other. According to a recent study, couples who maintain healthy relationships with other couples are able to gain a better sense of themselves as a unit, and it also increases the couple’s attraction for one another. Simply put, no matter how good a relationship is, it cannot be lived inside of a vacuum.

Additionally, there are some things that are more fun when they are done with others. Below there are four ideas for creating fun double dates.

Double The Fun: 4 Ideas for Fun Double Dates

The Immensely Popular Dinner and a Movie

While dinner and a movie may not seem creative, it has proven to be consistently at the top of couples list when asked what they liked to do on double dates. Couples get the opportunity to dine at a favorite restaurant, where they can engage in meaningful, conversation, or just be silly — recalling old times. The dinner element of the particular double-dating idea allows for a significant amount of latitude as far atmosphere and ambience is concerned — allowing the couples to set the mood for the evening. Depending on the first half of the date, the couples can decide on what type of movie they wish to watch.

Game Night

Couples don’t have to get out of the home to partake in a double date. One of the most fun and popular double date ideas is game night. There are plenty of card games for adults that will definitely keep the evening stimulated, and it is extremely inexpensive.

Visit an Amusement Park

There is nothing like an amusement park to get the juices flowing on a double date. Visiting an amusement with another couple can be nostalgic, bringing back memories of when the couple first began to date. For new couples, it will be the beginning of building memories together in an immensely fun environment. Being at an amusement park can help keep things from getting too serious in those moments where a couple may simply need to get away from the hustle of everyday life.

Go Bowling

Bowling is an activity that can be done using a team concept, which can be a lot of fun. The couples can pair up against one another, or it can be the men and against the ladies. Because not everyone is a professional bowler, bowling usually leads to the some really funny moments that help to keep the level of excitement elevated. It is amazing how funny a gutter ball can be when couples are sharing a night out. This can also be an opportunity to get up close and personal for the person who is a good bowler, as they show their partner some new bowling tips.

The intimate, private date will never be out of style, and there will be plenty of those moments throughout every relationship; however, the chance to get out and have fun on a double date should never be underestimated.

Lucy Jarvis is studying to become a teacher. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles, currently drawing upon her single status for topics!

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  1. My wife and I (when we double-date) love game night. We go to the local board game shop and they have a room in the back where you can try out the various games they have in stock and play together. It makes for some of the best double dates in the world!

  2. We love all of these ideas. There is nothing like curling up on the couch with Hubby and just enjoying a quiet evening together. But, that being said, a good night of competitive bowling is also fun! LOL

  3. Wonderful ideas. I haven’t gone on a date night with my hubby in years. We’ve done the inside at home thing and I’m hoping before summer we can get out!

  4. Great ideas!! My kids were only allowed to double date until they were of an age their dad and I had decided on. Our daughter and her boyfriend ended up taking both their younger brothers as the double on more dates than not. Ha! I think they thought I’d give in but I didn’t and the little brothers always had a blast. 😉

  5. I bet bowling would be a blast! I haven’t been in forever. I’ll have to mention these ideas to my husband and see if any of our friends want to go out for a fun double date.

  6. when i lived in michigan me and my friends would double date all the time and it would be so much fun. you have some great ideas here. thanks for sharing.

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