DIY Hedbanz Game for Kids

hedbanz game diy

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I previously wrote about how my children and I made our own diy hedbanz game and this post seems to be pretty catchy, today I share with you some more tips on how you can make your own headbanz game diy.

hedbanz game diy

Materials for hedbanz game diy

Get started on your own hedbanz game diy

  • Have the children draw a picture with the word of picture underneath on each quarter size piece of paper. Example: drawing of a monkey with the word “monkey” written out under the drawing on same quarter sheet of paper; just like the original hedbanz game.
  • Continue having children draw their own photos and words on each quarter sheet of paper, until you feel the supply is a decent amount to play your own hedbanz game diy with.
  • Once the cards are all drawn, hand each child an elastic headband and let each secretly choose a drawing. Note: child cannot see the drawing of what they place on their own head, but the other players can.
  • As each child is setup with their drawing in the elastic headband and the hedbanz game diy is all ready to be played …

diy hedbanz game

Take turns from youngest to oldest: How to Play hedbanz game diy

One fabulous thing about hedbanz game diy is that you can make up your own rules and have fun with this. A fantastic way to spend a rainy day with the kids or to do during school break to incorporate family play time, educational play and creative thinking.

Game play basically goes youngest to oldest, each person asks a question as they try to figure out what drawing is on their head. If you are playing diy hedbanz game with younger children, try to make it a bit easier on them and have a bit of fun. The joy of making our own diy hedbanz game is that you really make up your own rules based on your children’s ages, interests and reading level.

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  1. I have been eyeing the original version of this game in stores for quite some time, but it never seems to go on sale. I love the thought of creating our own version!

  2. Oh how fun. My kids wanted to get the actual game but I think this would be a much better idea. I think it would be a lot of fun!

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