Top Relationship Killers

Top Relationship Killers

We all have our own personal list of relationship deal breakers, but did you know there are a few top commonly overlooked relationship killers? Dating can be fun, meeting new people in hopes that you find Mr or Mrs Right, but no matter how exciting, new and refreshing it feels to have met the potential forever candidate, you must not overlook those relationship killers that will eventually make your relationship fail. Here is a list of what to run away from if you see it within your new relationship:

Top Relationship Killers

Being Too Jealous

Everyone has that mild tinge of jealously come up with their partner, it really seems a natural human response but if your partner is constantly overly jealous to a point you feel that you are not able to talk to the opposite sex; it is a huge red flag. Being with an overly jealous person is only going to hinder your own self growth and will lead to damaging the relationship, but not before it completely ruins your own self. Staying too long in a relationship with someone who is overly jealous will ultimately kill your self-esteem, make you second guess who are you and eventually lead to your own insecurity issues.

You Have to Change Mentality

Everyone has the right to grow as an individual, at their own pace, in a way that they deem fit for their own individual growth. If your partner is constantly telling you that your behavior or attitude must change in a way they see fit as a means for them to stay with you, then run away fast! This will never change, if the person you are with is unable to properly communicate effective ways for you both to work to solidify growth for each of you apart and together, it is time to move on. While every human being grows through experience, it is not up to your partner to dictate that change, ever.

Feeling as if Partner is Controlling You

There may be times where you occasionally feel is if your blunt partner is a bit controlling, when in reality they are simply speaking in a blunt, to the point manner and not really demanding you do whatever it is that they are discussing with you; but if you feel that partner is stepping on a boundary of limiting your own personal growth and you feel insecure, fearful or other negative emotions on a regular basis – run. Here’s the thing, if you are with someone who makes you feel less than worthy, that you have to live up to their rules and live by their boundaries set only by them while they can run frivolously around and do their own thing; you will forever be the submission one to them and no one should ever be with someone who makes  them feel like they are unable to live their own life while being committed in the relationship.

Continued Communication with an Ex

While many can still be friends with their exes, if your partner is continuously communicating with their ex on a regular basis in a way that makes you feel uneasy and there is no real reason behind why they communicate with them on a regular; then this may ultimately be a relationship killer. If your partner is having ongoing communications with an ex that makes you feel uncomfortable, discuss it with them, if there is no valid reason why the communication still exists between your partner and their ex, but your partner is unwilling to let go as a means to validate that they have moved on and wish to be with you  now and in the future, the it is time to rethink if this person is the one for you.

Conclusion on Relationship Killers

While each of the issues listed above can be commonly overlooked relationship killers, please take into consideration the level of communication, openness and how each of the scenarios really makes you feel. No two relationships are the same, which means most of the relationship killers may not be guaranteed to be a deal breaker, but they certainly are a cause for concern to open dialogue between you and your partner. If you have discussed your concerns with your partner and each of you are showing a true willingness to discuss, understand and work on areas that need improvement together, then maybe these relationship killers aren’t in our life as predominately as you may have first thought.

You know your heart, you know how you feel and you know what is right for you –  never let these relationship killers take over you in a way that leaves you feeling alone, uneasy and insecure in a relationship. When two people are in a relationship they are suppose to feel secure, trusted and confident because they are beside the love of their life working towards a better future.





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  1. I have been with my husband for over a decade and can still see how all of these could be relationship killers. A foundation of trust, communication and friendship is key.

  2. Those would certainly be very hard to tolerate. I really appreciate the teamwork feel to the relationship I have with my husband. I don’t think I’d appreciate being in a relationship where I felt controlled.

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