Earn a Residual Income from Home

Earn a Residual Income from Home IMG

The economy is still struggling to come up from the crash and many households are seeking ways to earn a residual income to back up their current weekly paychecks, there are multiple ways to make easy money online if you are selective, creative and use your resources properly. While you always have the option to take on a part time job outside of the home, why not find ways to make easy money doing things that you already do and sit back to watch the residual income flow into your bank account?

Earn a Residual Income from Home IMG

Make Money with Web Searches

Websites such as Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks are easy ways to start earning money by doing what you already do online, searching the web for information, articles and such. These two websites will pay you in some form to use their search engines to search instead of using the big name search engines. You will still get similar results when you use Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars search option, but this is a great way to make easy money and start earning a residual income without wasting extra time.

Sell Your Stuff Online

While selling your stuff is a great way to earn a passive income, this method will take some time to setup. There are many websites and groups out there that allow you to setup a free store to sell your current used goods, eBooks and other items that will earn you a residual income after you take the time to setup the store.

Start a YouTube Channel

Do you have a skill that can help others live better lives? Are you an auto mechanic, positive lifestyle coach, or maybe a beauty master? These are all genuine ideas that can make you money if you setup a YouTube How-To channel and start uploading videos to help others to be successful in the area you are an expertise in. Again, this will take time to setup, but watch that residual income flow in once you have started to share these how-to YouTube videos.

User Testing Programs

Many website owners will pay the average consumer to take 10-15 minutes trying out their website when using user testing websites such as UserTesting.com. When taking part in user testing websites you will need to have a good microphone or headset with microphone attached but you can make money from home and start earning a residual income when you setup your user testing account to give feedback on the average company website as assigned to you in your dashboard area.

Start a Blog

There are a select handful of bloggers who make six-figure incomes using their blogs as their main money maker, but reality is starting a blog is a fantastic way to earn a little residual income for your household. At most you can see a few hundred up to a thousand dollars each month by starting a blog; this depends on the popularity of your niche, your expertise in that area and your ability to write clean, SEO friendly articles. Starting a blog can be free when you use a free platform such as Blogger.com or WordPress.org.

Make easy money online

The conclusion is simple; if you want to make easy money and have a residual income flowing into your household as a means to stay afloat financially; you will need to be creative, dedicated and allow a couple extra hours per day to be used towards your mission in earning this passive income on a regular basis. Starting a blog or YouTube channel, using search engines that pay you to search, completing user testing evaluations of websites and selling your stuff online are all wonderful ways to start earning money from home.

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  1. I read that the biggest secret of rich people is that they have a residual income. These are some great ways to get started. I will be trying at least a few of them.

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