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Back to School with Energizer Instant Win Game

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Let's Get Reading #SummerReading

It is that time again, August has arrived and while some kids have already gone back to school, mine have not yet ventured into the halls called their home away from home for the next 9-10 months of schooling. We are still keeping up with reading and I am amazed at how much my youngest child has read this Summer, being that he is not a fan of reading, ever, at all. Period.

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My oldest child read so many books, she can read a 500 page book in about two days, sometimes one if it interests her so her bookcase is full of books she has finished this Summer and Summers before. I wanted to share 5 books with 5 word reviews, a simple way to let you parents know what my kids loved this Summer during our participation in encouraging reading over the Summer season with Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge:

  1. Pete The Cat: I Love my White Shoes — 6 year old: “Happiest Cat Ever. Fun book.”
  2. The Maze of Bones The 39 Clues — 8 Year Old: “Love reading chapter books now.”
  3. The Invention of Hugo Cabret — 12 Year Old: “Watch Movie, read the book!”
  4. The Adventures of Captain Underpants — 8 Year Old: “Less words, love funny pictures!”
  5. Zoomer — 6 Year old: “Laughing so hard, no words!”


Back to School with Energizer Instant Win Game

I really cannot believe that Summer is coming to an end and we will be in Back to School in no time, with Back to School comes Fall soccer season and life getting pretty busy. I do hope we make time to read, of course we will, as I have read every night with my kids since birth, doubt that will ever change. My almost 13 year old daughter even enjoys reading Chicken Soup for the Soul stories with  me before bed, a mom/daughter time most cherished!

Energizer and Scholastic have teamed up this year, as you should know, Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge theme is “Power Up & Read,” Powered by Energizer®. this Summer 2015.  There is also an Energizer Instant Win Game that I want to share more information about:

Purchase Energizer brand batteries and get a game code, click on over to the Energizer Instant Win Game page, enter code, location you purchased your Energizer brand batteries at and the captcha code, then click enter and enter into the Instant win Game – many prizes being given away with a grand prize of a Family Trip to NYC by the looks! Go check it out …. Energizer Instant Win Game.

Remember, there is still Summer time left for most of us and you can still keep on reading with your children, use the following resources for ideas if your parent brain is so over trying to keep kids reading, Scholastic really has useful resources for parents and teachers all year round:

I will keep reading with my kids and encourage their love of books during the school year by attending Scholastic book fairs at our local elementary school and purchasing books that i know my children will love so much that they won’t refuse to read! You too, can attend Scholastic Book Fairs if your local school has them, usually there are fabulous deals on books that can cost quite more in other places.

Thank you for following along again in 2015 with my journey as a Mama just trying to make sure all children read more books – reading books encourages a creative mind, higher intelligence and just can be a fun experience for the whole family! Dive into a book today.

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  1. I think it is so important to keep kids reading over the summer. How awesome is it that Scholastic and Energizer is doing this.

  2. This is such a great reading challenge. Reading is one thing I never had an issue with getting my son to do. Now that he is older we share a lot of books.

  3. So important that kids read all year long. My kids love reading and I don’t ever want them to stop, so I let them do their thing and remind them often there’s book to take a look at! This is great.

  4. We did great with reading during the first half of summer break but have kind of slacked off. I think one more library trip needs to happen soon to get them in gear before school starts again.

  5. It’s back to school for us next week. That means trying to cram all the math and reading I said we’d do over the summer into one week! Eeek! It’s not really that bad. The kids were pretty good about reading library books.

  6. My kids have always loved to read. Even now as Teenager they love to go to the library and pick out a new book to read.

  7. I used to get so excited when the Scholastic papers would be handed out in class and we were ready to place our orders. I would read the whole sales page and carefully circle which books I wanted my mother to buy for me.

  8. My kids like to read. One more so than the others, but they’ll still pick up books on their own. And we’ve always loved Scholastic here.

  9. I have also been pleasantly surprised by how much my children’s reading has progressed over the summer. This post also reminded me that I desperately need to pick up batteries to replace in the flashlights and remote controls.

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