Walmart Back to School Plus Home Shopping all in One Trip #BTSLikeABoss #sp

Back to School at Walmart #BTSlikeaboss

Thank you to Kimberly Clark for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to #BTSlikeaboss!

I am heading for Back to School at Walmart, why? Well because quite simply put – I am a Mom of three kids and I have to use my time wisely. Between juggling work at home, work at the office and household chores, this single Mama needs to make the most of each trip to the store. Having my three kids in tow means Walmart back to school is the best option for me to get everything at one place. My two sons do not much care for shopping and so I am always looking for ways to consolidate our shopping trips. With back to school around the corner, oh my goodness, I must try to find a way to get back to school shopping done like a boss!

Back to School at Walmart #BTSlikeaboss

Viva and Scott products were the first essential items I found that have double box tops right now. I know that my kids schools have always done real well with this program. There is an adorable tube at the entrance of the school were the kids are able to collect the box tops and the PTO usually handles this program pretty well. Getting double box tops on back to school at Walmart is just one way to back to school like a boss!

When back to school hits, I know that Kleenex is a must have, I have little mini Kleenex packages in my van and plenty of boxes stored up in the home, why? Well one Back to School at Walmart with Kleenex means more box tops for my kids school, and it means I am prepared for those icky boogers that seem to never fail to arrive once the children get back to mingling with the general population of their peers!

Back to School at Walmart #BTSlikeaboss

Shopping Back to School at Walmart just makes sense because you can save gas money, save on time to allow for more family moments this Summer and get double box tops on certain products!


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  1. I remember shopping for supplies! I still love office supplies like pens and sticky notes! It’s hard to get me out of Staples or Office Depot! even the back to school section of Wal-Mart yep I shop there even though I am an adult! 🙂

  2. Oh boy I am not looking forward to back to school shopping this year. Our kiddos don’t start until September 8th so I have some time but I always dread the shopping because no one can agree on anything and I find here, the prices are pricey!

  3. My kids started seeing all the Back to School items in stores, and begging to buy them. I obliged and bought a few, but I need to do a real shopping trip and get them ready. I’ll be on the hunt for double box tops.

  4. I definitely try to get as much of my shopping done in one place if I can. Walmart is great for that when it comes to back to school shopping.

  5. I can not believe how fast the summer has flown by. I will have to get started on my back to school shopping.

  6. I am all about getting everything done in one place and plan to visit Walmart for most of our back to school necessities. We just received our supply lists today and there is a LOT to purchase.

  7. I always do my school shopping at Walmart. It will feel really odd this year just shopping for one. My daughter goes off to college, and will be doing her own

  8. We have a little bit of time as kiddo doesn’t go back to school until September. I have been watching the stores for their back to school sales and WalMart, even though we dont have one in town, is where I go for a few items.

  9. I cannot believe it is that time of year already. My kids go back to school on the 19th and I am soooooooo not ready yet. School shopping for 3 kids is going to be not that much fun. I like going at night when the crowds die down.

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