Summer Family Day in Portsmouth, NH at Water Country #WaterCountryNH

Water Country NH

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets for entry into Water Country, Portsmouth, NH. All opinions and stories shared are my own!

The day had arrived, it was time to get ready to bring the kids to meet up with my ex husband and pack up the kids into his suburban and hit the road to Portsmouth, NH and get our afternoon at Water Country on a roll.


The approximate two hour drive was over, we hit Burger King for lunch across the street and when done, entered into Water Country parking lot where we were able to get the special parking for only $5 versus the normal $20 for that particular parking area. For your reference: there are two parking areas – one is $5 and the other is $20, last year we parked in the cheaper parking area just fine, but we felt super awesome having a closer spot to park this year for the price of the other parking option. I am going to assume the other lot was full so they only had the “vip” type parking open when we arrived around noon time.

Getting Locker at Water Country NH

The first thing we did this year was rent a locker for our stuff! Last year we had a nice King Cabana area, this year we wanted to test out Water Country’s locker systems and see how well they worked as a place to hide away stuff securely while enjoying the attractions.

Water Country Lockers

The lockers come in three different sizes; Standard $12, Large $16, Jumbo $20. Since there was five of us, we went with the Large Locker, which by the way had plenty of room for our shoes, flip flops, wallets and papers we brought in with us. The touch screen Locker Rental on the outside of the locker area made it easy to purchase our rental and set our own custom four digit pin to access the locker unit. Each locker rental is valid for your full day visit, totally affordable!

Water Country NH

Water Country Attractions

There are so many rides to go on and cool off, this particular day happened to be a more tolerable weather day – not too hot and not too cold. Last year when we went to Water Country it was very hot, almost too hot for my sons’ to fully enjoy their day without getting grumpy. My ex husband and I were totally happy with the weather given to us, yet I think we were a bit cold by the end of the day, while the kids still wanted water rides over and over.

Our Favorite Attractions were the Wave Pool, Adventure River {aka Lazy River}, Thunder Falls, Wild Canyon, Double Dive Boggan and the Whirl Pool. This year I decided to venture outside of my normal Wave Pool and Adventure River addiction to test out the Wild Canyon. As my daughter and I sat down in the tube, I told the attendant to please wait while I got a good grip on the handles. Of course, my daughter was laughing at me the whole time! The attendant let us go and within moments my daughter and I had huge smiles on our faces and simultaneously said, “this is fun!”

Water Country Family Fun in NH

We enjoyed all of the afternoon, just about to closing time at Water Country in Portsmouth, NH and ended our trip with some Fried Dough, seriously, this Fried Dough is worth the $6. The dough is approximately the size of two paper plates and is located near the Wave Pool. Speaking of the Wave Pool …

Water Country - Great Summer Day Fun and Money Saving Link

My youngest son has no fear, zero, none. This little fearless boy was jumping waves like a pro and smiling the whole time. I enjoyed the wave pool the most because it was a reminder of spending time in the Atlantic Ocean with my trio jumping waves, just minus the salt water! The fried dough was great, but as a person who barely eats big portions, next time someone needs to remind me not to eat the whole gosh darn thing. That sat in my stomach like a rock, as I do not eat that kind of stuff often.


Overall, I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Water Country in Portsmouth, NH because the guest services people are super sweet to all guests they pass, the rides are amazing and the lines go quickly! I also love the selection of attractions for all water lovers, also if you are game for it, they have this awesome ride called Dr Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror that we wouldn’t go on nor let the kids on, even though the kids were dead set on going on this thriller water slide … maybe you will brave it?

As an ending to this awesome trip update, I have a discount code/link to share with you all, click here to head on over to Water Country’s website to save $3 off a 48″ or taller ticket today!

Connect with Water Country on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with their latest happenings!



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  1. We went last year for the first time and loved it. We were supposed to go back this past Sunday, but got rained out. We are looking forward to going up soon.

  2. I have so many great memories of summers spent at the water park but have yet to take my children. We will actually be changing that next week and I can not wait!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I love water parks, they’re a great way to keep cool and have fun in the summer.

  4. I was just saying we haven’t been to a water park yet this year. I like your pictures. This looks really fun.

  5. This looks like a great way to spend the day. I love to go to water parks. It is a great way to keep cool and active.

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