Twice the Pampering

Jenny the Spoiled Pug

Do you often refer to your dog as the pampered pooch? If so, your dog acquired that title from the extra steps you take to assure that it lives a comfortable, satisfied and delightfully happy life. If you’re always on the lookout for additional ways to spoil your dog, you can provide it with twice the pampering by treating to a spa treatment with a professional and by spoiling it with spa-like experiences at home.

Special treatment

If and when the times comes that you need to board your dog, you’ll want it to receive special care and attention while it’s at the facility. A pet resort and spa can be just the place you’re looking for and the place your pet will be happy that you found. While boarding your dog, you can make arrangements to have it fed special treats and to receive one-on-one attention. Add a pet spa bath or spa grooming to its boarding adventure and your pet can bask in luxury.

Sister Jenny the Pug

At home spa treatment

In between the times you schedule a spa treatment by a professional groomer, you can treat your dog to an at-home spa experience. Simply select some of the specialty spa products and pet shampoo from the boutique at the resort, learn some pet massage techniques and enjoy the extra bonding experience these activities offer you and your dog.

Stylish Pampering

When you’re at the boutique shopping for spa related products, you might want to add a few specialty items to your dogs collection of accessories. Stylish dogs have collars that coordinate with their leash and their jackets or sweaters. Fancy food and water bowls are a must for the area where your pampered pet dines.

Regardless of how much you love your dog, you probably don’t enjoy dealing with dog hair around the house. Scheduling shed-reducing treatments for your dog is a good way to reduce the amount of hair you have to remove from your furniture and clothing. Your dog will feel and look great after a spa bath or grooming or a shed-reducing treatment.

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  1. We have been so afraid to board our 2 dogs when we need to travel because we aren’t sure how they will be treated. Let’s face it, they are super spoiled around here. A place that offers a spa treatment seems pretty nice though. I mean, I like spa treatments haha. Plus, I hate bathing my dogs so if someone else can do it then I’m all for it.

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