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Killington Mtn Resort Scenic Lift Rides

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to experience the current attractions at Killington Mountain Resort’s Adventure Center. All opinions are my own.

Another reason the kids and I ventured up to stay at Killington Mountain Resort’s Grand Hotel was to experience their Adventure Center where you can experience the following attractions at the price of $39 each; $15 {ages 6 and under}:

  • Skyeride, three rides
  • Skye Ropes Course, 2-hours
  • Terra-Maze, unlimited runs
  • Disc golf, one 18-hole round including discs
  • Snowshed scenic lift ride, round trip
  • Add three rides on the Beast Coaster for a total of $59 (ages 7+.) Beast Coaster opening in late July.
  • Add a round-trip K-1 Express Gondola ride for an additional $15

Killington Mtn Resort Sky Rides

In all honesty, the kids favorite ride was the SkyeRide. This is much like a zip line ride; you get buckled into a two person seat and go back 600 feet at 100 feet off the ground to then glide through the air at 30mph. There are three rides on this SkyeRide included with your Adventure Center Pass. The kids used up all of their rides on this, and quite honestly would have been happy spending the day on this ride!

Killington Mtn Resort Terra Maze

After using up all of their rides on the SkyeRide, the trio decided that we would take our chances on the Terra Maze, this while debating if they were going to get me on the Scenic Lift Ride or not. I have a huge fear of heights so it took some coercing to get me on the lifts.  The Terra Maze was pretty fun and frustrating, this is a timed maze run, so you get your card and then put it into a time stamp {much like checking into work with a time-card stamp}, then you enter the Terra Maze to find all four letters; M A Z E. At each letter point in the maze, there is a hole puncher with the appropriate letter, you punch the card and move on. When you have completed all four letters of the word MAZE, you are done and must get to the exit to get a time-stamp on your card. There are various prizes available depending upon your completion time.  I totally did not do well with this, I kept getting completely lost, but my kiddos had a super blast doing it! My kids, unlike me, have a wonderful sense of direction and didn’t keep back tracking their steps like I did 😉

Killington Mtn Resort Scenic Lift Rides

Next up was the Snowshed scenic lift ride, and boy was this a challenge for me. I could not look down, though at one point, my eight year old son would refuse the answer no to me looking down and I had to look down. I think my knuckles turned white as hard as I clenched that bar on the lift. It was absolutely beautiful on the lift, to be honest! The view of the construction of The Beast Coaster that is coming in late July was amazing, alongside all of the mountains and trails! Below us zoomed mountain bikers taking a trip on the mountain bike trail.  When we reached the top, little man’s feet were just hurting him too badly for us to hike back down. A total bummer, as I wanted to hike down the mountain, so we hopped back on the lifts and road them down to the bottom of Killington Mountain.

Killington Mtn Resort K1 Gondola Ride

The last, but certainly not least, trip we took was the K1 Gondola Ride up a mile and a quarter, which goes by rather quickly. The four of us hopped into a cute closed Gondola and took a trip up the mountain. The views were simply breath taking, we all had a blast looking out, because you know this is enclosed so my height fear didn’t play a toll on me during this ride. We got to the top and had a walk around, so much to do at the top of this ride; such as enjoy a nice lunch! The kids probably enjoyed this second best to the SkyeRides.

Trio Waking up at Killington Mtn Resort

Overall our experience at Killington Mountain Resort’s Adventure Center was simply amazing, the kids and I hope to get back up there after the Beast Coaster is constructed so that we may enjoy another full day of doing other attractions we may not have hit during our stay. I do know that I may want to give a whirl at the SkyeRopes Course, but the kids simply had zero interest in getting harnessed up to attempt it this time around.

There truly is something for everyone at Killington Mountain Resort, and it is just the best place to stay. Read my other posts about our trip to Killington Mountain Resort below:

I really hope your family can get to Killington, Vermont and enjoy this fabulous place before Summer is over!


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  1. They have a lot of fun activities. We played disc golf for the first time a few weeks ago. My arm was so sore after.

  2. Killington resort looks like such a great place for families with so many fun attractions to choose from! The SkyeRide would definitely be my first stop.

  3. What a great fun thing to do for the summer. I need to take a trip like that with the kids before my daughter leaves for college

  4. I am anxiously awaiting my kids being big enough to take them on roller coasters. I miss them terribly. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Your time together does sound fun. I’m more like you when it comes to sense of direction, though I suspect you do better than me (I could lose my way around the block).

  6. This looks like it would be so much fun. My family would love it there. I want to go on the Skyeride.

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